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Scan Website for Malware Using Sucuri

To check if you site has malware on it go to Type/Paste your website name into the search box and click Scan Website After you site is checked you will get a report that looks like this to see what you need to address (if anything) -For this site we need to look at the firewall and comprehensive scan   Also notice there are 3 tabs to look under for details about your site.  

yellowwebmonkey web services

Exporting ZOO database to JSON or CSV

This tutorial will walk you through how to export your ZOO database. Login to the backend of you site   Go to Components>>ZOO   Select the appplication that you want to export then go to the Config tab   Select the Import/Export button   Select the type of export you want to download i.e. JSON or CSV   The download will automatically begin.  Locate the new files on your computer.  

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