Disabling Joomla Extensions in phpMyAdmin

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If you run into an issue where you install/upgrade an extension on your Joomla site, and then get an error when trying to access the front or back ends of your site, it may mean that the new extension is not compatible with the version of Joomla you are running.

In order to access your site, you will need to disable the new extension in your Joomla database.  First, you will have to access your cPanel, or Control Panel.  Depending on your hosting, your cPanel may look slightly different, but should have a search function to find what you need.

Search for phpMyAdmin.

Disabling Extensions Tut 1

Or, scroll down to the Databases section, and select from there.

Disabling Extensions Tut 2

On the left side menu, expand the dropdown for the database your site is using.

Disabling Extensions Tut 3 edited

Then, scroll down and select the _extensions table.

Disabling Extensions Tut 4

You can search for the new extension by selecting the Search tab on the top menu.

Disabling Extensions Tut 9

On the name line, choose Like %…% from the dropdown, and enter the text you want to search on.

Disabling Extensions Tut 10

Find the row for the new extension, and select Edit.

Disabling Extensions Tut 5

Update Enabled to 0.

Disabling Extensions Tut 6

Scroll to bottom, select Save from menu, then Go.

Disabling Extensions Tut 7

If your error looks similar to this, it could be a “namespace” error:

Disabling Extensions Tut 8

You can learn more about this issue here: https://www.yellowwebmonkey.com/joomla-namespaces-error

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