Admin Functions

How to Check-in Locked Items

If you try to open an article, but it will not open, that item may be "checked out".  You will get the following error message: "Check-out failed" Checkin...</p data-lazy-src=

How to Put a Site on Maintenance

If you need to bring your site offline for maintenance, you can do this in the site settings.    First, go to Global Configuration.  This can be accessed on left-side menu,...

Language Overides


lang over 1

Select NEW

  1. Search for the string you need to change
  2. Select the string
  3. Edt the text as...

Using Module Suffix’s

Go to the module you want to add the suffix to.

Select the ADVANCED tab

Add the suffix's as needed.  Ex title3 box1

mod suffix

RSFirewall System Scans

Running a system scan will give you an in depth look at how your site is running


rsfire syscheck 1


Menu Alias’

If you are creating a new menu but need some items that are on exisiting menus using the alias feature is useful.

Go to menu manager and select NEW


Using the Missing Meta Tool

Once the missing meta tool is instatlled and the admin module is enabled and assigned to your backend homepage it will look liike this

missing meta 1

Enable Shopping Cart Module

Open MijoShop


Go to CATEGORIES (the puzzle piece icon)>>>>>> then MODULES

ms module 1a

Find "Shopping Cart" and enable

MS module...</p data-lazy-src=

Additional login

When you go to the administrator side of your website i.e. http://mysite/administrator you will see this screen

rsfire password 1 w600

Enter the password that was...

Creating banner modules

Go to Extensions>>Module Manager Select New Selct Banners as type Enter all applicable data i.e. name, position for module, category, etc. Assign the module to applicable pages (see related...

Using Banners on Joomla

The order you add categories, clients, and banners matters, so use this order. 

Go to Components>>Banners>>Categories


Select New


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