Our Team

Alexis Priddy headshot

Alexis Priddy

Senior Web Developer
Waco, TX

After studying computer science engineering at West Point, Alexis served as an Army officer where she developed an Army website and sold it to a national marketing firm. She now has over fifteen years of experience as a web designer and developer, certified as both a Shopify Partner and Google Partner. She is also a requested speaker at CMS and entrepreneurship events. She lives in Central Texas with her family and mini beagle.

Barb Mancari headshot

Barb Mancari

SEO/Marketing Lead
Mentor, OH

A former Army engineer officer, Barb has worked most recently in program management and higher education. She holds a BS in Management/Systems Engineering from West Point and a MPA from Franklin University. She also teaches part-time as an adjunct business professor. Her experience in program design, marketing, needs assessment and resource optimization has been a positive addition to our SEO/marketing team. Barb lives with her family in NE Ohio and enjoys being outdoors and close to Lake Erie.

barbara morton

Barbara Morton

Shopify Specialist
Honolulu, HI

Barbara graduated from Campbell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She has a background in office administration and customer service. She brings her attention to detail and organizational skills to web design as a team leader. Originally from Texas, she is a military spouse currently living in Hawaii with her family.

bianca frank

Bianca Frank

Graphic Designer
Anchorage, AK

Bianca has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and has worked with YellowWebMonkey since 2009. She is an expert in brand management and graphic design.

carolyn rawson

Carolyn Rawson

Content Writer
Tacoma, WA

Carolyn is an Air Force spouse and mother of two who’s frequently on the move (currently residing in Hawaii), constantly relishing opportunities to explore, get lost, and stay sidetracked. You can find her other work as a content writer at Positive Parenting Solutions.

Corinne Walker headshot

Corinne Walker

WordPress Lead
Leavenworth, KS

Corinne is a former Army Adjutant General Corps Officer and has enjoyed applying the problem-solving skills and attention to detail she gained from the Army to Web Design. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the United States Military Academy in Economics and French, and currently lives in Kansas with her husband and children.

emily williamson

Emily Williamson

Marketing Specialist
Richmond Hill, GA

Emily holds a BS in Engineering Management from the United States Military Academy at West Point. She served in the Army as a Logistics Officer for six years and joined the YellowWebMonkey team shortly after her service. Emily lives with her family in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

hannah boyd

Hannah Boyd

Shopify/SEO Specialist

Hannah graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Economics and Nuclear Engineering. After serving as a Field Artillery Officer, she joined the YellowWebMonkey team. Originally from New York, Hannah is now a military spouse and currently lives in North Carolina with her family.

Heidi Zumbahlen headshot

Heidi Zumbalen

Joomla Lead
Chicago, IL

Heidi received a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Marquette University and a master’s in Finance from DePaul University. Working in corporate accounting for several years, she developed a strong attention to detail and ability to collaborate with a diverse, remote team. She now uses those skills as a web designer and project lead for YellowWebMonkey. She lives with her family and high maintenance rescue pup in the suburbs of Chicago.

Kristin Knight headshot

Kristin Knight

WordPress Specialist
Columbus, GA

Kristin has a degree in Information Systems Engineering from West Point, and a masters in Business Administration from Boston University. After a number of years serving as a Marine Corps Logistician and working in public and private sector consulting, she is keen to be working with code again.

leslie shrope

Leslie Shrope

Shopify Specialist
Waco, TX

Leslie is working on her Science Degree from Central Texas College. She has over 11 years experience in Customer Service Management. She grew up around the Ft. Hood area due to her dad being in the military. She currently resides with her family near Waco, TX.

maria netherland

Maria Netherland

Operations Assistant
Freeport, FL

Maria graduated from the United States Military Academy with a degree in Management and Systems Engineering. After her time in the Army, Maria worked in telecommunications, distribution, hospitality, and oil and gas. She owns a personal training business and is also a triathlon coach. She earned an MBA and a Six Sigma Black Belt, bringing those operational skills to the YellowWebMonkey team as the Operations Assistant. Maria is a Colorado native now living in the Florida panhandle. She’s hoping a puppy will join the family soon.

molly greenwood

Molly Greenwood

Shopify Lead

Molly graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in foreign language and civil engineering. She served as a construction project manager for several years, and then later returned to school to earn her degree and licensure as a Registered Nurse. She brings her skills in project management and organization to the YellowWebMonkey team as a web designer and team leader. She is a military spouse and currently lives with her family in Hawaii.

Susan Downing headshot

Susan Downing

WordPress Specialist
Ewa Beach, HI

Susan graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in aeronautical engineering. She served as the engagements officer for the deputy commander of the Third Infantry Division creating multi-level strategies for messaging key Iraqi military and civilian leaders. She currently uses her engagement strategy experience in search engine optimization and marketing for the YellowWebMonkey team. She currently lives in Hawaii with her family.

su-yen smith

Su-Yen Smith

Graphic Designer
Waco, TX

Su-Yen graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor’s of Science. Using the knowledge from studying social sciences and the skills managing the customer service department of a local business, she started her own photography business near Fort Hood, Texas. After many years of taking photos from soldiers and their families, she moved back to her home town in Texas with her family and joined the YellowWebMonkey team.

veronika sikora

Veronika Sikora

Social Media Manager
Avon, OH

Veronika is a ’98 graduate from the United States Military Academy at West point with a BS degree in computer science and foreign language (Spanish). After her military commitment as a military intelligence officer, she worked as a sub contractor for NASA Glenn as a security specialist. Veronika has spent the past several years volunteering in various leadership roles in her school district and is also a substitute teacher. She currently resides in NE Ohio with her husband, 3 kids and 2 Boston terriers.

kayla williams

Kayla Williams

Atlanta, GA

Kayla is currently a cadet at the United States Military Academy majoring in Engineering Psychology with a minor in Diversity and Inclusion. She is actively involved in many mentorship and community outreach programs at the Academy. She joined the YellowWebMonkey team while currently waiting for enlistment into the US Army Engineer Corps.

Kiyneischa is a former Army Military Police Officer and has a bachelors of science degree in history and engineering from the United States Military Academy. She has over 15 years of experience in sales and operations leadership as an executive for three major fortune 500 companies. After taking off a year of maternity time from being self-employed as executive bonus plan insurance consultant, Kiyneischa began contributing to YellowWebMonkey part-time. She lives in her current hometown of San Diego, California with her husband and children.