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Create New User Account

To create a new user you will 1.  Select Users 2.  Select User Manager 3.  Select New 4.  In the Account Details tab add the follwing details. 5. In the Assigned User Groups tab select the access level you want to give this new user. * you may not give a user more access than you logged in with Save and close

yellowwebmonkey web services

Upload a file to a DropBox folder

Once we have shared a file with you we will send you a link to that folder. This is how you can add files to DropBox for us to use in developing your new site. 1.  Click the link to the DropBox folder  2.  Click the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with an “up” arrow. 3.  Click choose files and select the files from your computer that you would like to add …

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yellowwebmonkey web services

How to add submissions to MijoPolls

To add submissions from your MijoPoll you need to 1.  Go to Components>>>MijoPolls 3.  Select Polls>>> and the poll you need to add to 4.  Select the green plus symbol and add your new submission in the green highlighed line item that appears. **You can drag and drop the submissions to change the order but you must put your curser in the space between the number of the submission and the name of the submission …

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