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Adjusting Print CSS so links are hidden in Gantry 5

Bootstrap loads print styling to most websites that prints out the target link for any linked items. To hide this, go to your templates custom.scss file (if you do not have one, see Below the other media queries, add: @media print {  @page {size: auto;  margin: 0mm;}  img {border: 0;}  p a[href^=”#”]:after, p a[href^=”http://”]:after, a[href^=”https://”]:after,.btn-default:after, .btn-success:after, .btn-primary:after, a[href]:after {display: none;}  p a {word-wrap: break-word;}  a {color: #000;text-decoration:none;}}


Shopify Store: Login to Launch in One Week

Thinking about taking the leap to the fastest growing online store builder?  Here’s your risk-free chance!  Join YellowWebMonkey’s senior web designer Alexis Priddy as she walks you through setting up your own Shopify development site for free.  Did we mention Alexis is a Shopify Partner?  She is, and calls Shopify the best thing since sliced bread.   This training is ideal for any retail business that isn’t selling online yet but would like to be. As …

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