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Stripping metadata from images

Photography Life states that most definitions will give you a very short and simple explanation of what is metadata. Simply put, it is data that describes other sort of data. For example, keywords used for this article are part of its metadata. Author, date created and file size are also basic examples of a file’s metadata. The goal of metadata is to make working and managing information and data easier and quicker. For example, knowing …

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Adding Files to site via FileZilla

  To upload large files you will need to download Filezilla When you download and open up the program go to File>>Site Manager Pick the New Site Use your FTP login access to access your site FileZilla works much like Windows explorer in that you can drag and drop files. Select your “images” folder to open it This is where you will get the files from your local computer You have two options when adding …

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Upload a file to a DropBox folder

Once we have shared a file with you we will send you a link to that folder. This is how you can add files to DropBox for us to use in developing your new site. 1.  Click the link to the DropBox folder  2.  Click the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with an “up” arrow. 3.  Click choose files and select the files from your computer that you would like to add …

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