Adding Files to site via FileZilla

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To upload large files you will need to download Filezilla

When you download and open up the program go to

File>>Site Manager

Pick the New Site


Use your FTP login access to access your site


FileZilla works much like Windows explorer in that you can drag and drop files.

Select your “images” folder to open it


This is where you will get the files from your local computer


You have two options when adding files to your site

NOTE your file names cannot have spaces in them 

i.e. DO NOT Use: video 1.mp4

                   Use: video1.mp4 or video_1.mp4 or video-1.mp4


1.  You can add the a new folder to your site and transfer the files to it 

Select the root folder


Right click and select “create directory”


Add to the filepath with the name of your new folder i.e. videos



 Now you can select that new file “videos” and drag and drop files into it


2.  You can transfer whole folders to your site


Hit F5 or View>>Refresh to ensure the files are on your site.


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