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Photography Life states that most definitions will give you a very short and simple explanation of what is metadata. Simply put, it is data that describes other sort of data. For example, keywords used for this article are part of its metadata. Author, date created and file size are also basic examples of a file’s metadata. The goal of metadata is to make working and managing information and data easier and quicker. For example, knowing one or several metadata entries can make searching for files a much swifter process.

Metadata can be created both automatically and manually. Information that is entered automatically is usually very straightforward and basic. It includes location (presuming GPS involvement), size, file extension and so on. Entering metadata (or some of it) manually provides you with a chance to be much more thorough. You can input any sort of data you think is relevant and descriptive. This, in turn, helps you find the right file or document much more efficiently.

To remove this meta data from you images use the applicable program for the type of system you use

Windows solution:
Mac solution: using

This example uses the windows solution

Download and unzip the program

Open the program

metadata strip 1

Drag and drop the images you want to strip the metadata from into the program you are using.

metadata strip 2

 It will automatically start.  Once complete you will get summaries under each file

metadata strip 3

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