How to use Shrink O’Matic to Re-size Images

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The Shrink O’Matic is a handy program that will automatically compress images to a size that is more suitable for whatever you want to use the photo for. If you have photos that are too big, the Shrink O’Matic is just a drag and drop away from making your photo the perfect fit.
  • First, install the Shrink O’Matic from the following URL.
  • Click the install button on the right side.
  • After the install has finished open the Shrink O’ Matic.
  • On the program you will see 3 columns: Output Size, Output Name, and Output Format.
  • The output size refers to the size of the image after it has been shrunk. You can either create specific dimensions, or use the ratio button to make the image a certain percentage of it’s original size.
  • The output name will change the name of the copied photo. Your original photo will remain, but the copied version will have an “-r50” attached on the end. You may also choose a folder to place all copied images (this is handy for organization.)
  • The output format is for choosing a format for an image, this is useful if you wish to convert file types.


  • Now open your pictures folder, or whichever folder your desired photo is located.
  • Choose the photo you wish to resize and drag and drop it onto the “Drop pics here,” area of the photo.


  • Allow a few extra seconds for high resolution photos to be compressed.
  • Notice that right next to my original photo, I now have a copy with an “-r50” tag. This is my compressed version of the photo.
  • Now my photo is in a proper size format.

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