How to Fix your Twitter API

To restablish your Twitter feed 1.  Go to and fill in the form. 2.  Once you get the access token use the information they give you in your Widgetkit Twitter module.

Sending a Tweet

Login to your twitter account. In the bottom left corner, you will see a blue buttom that says "tweet" Click on this to Compose a New Tweet:

Create a List on Twitter

1. After signing in to Twitter, click the "Lists" option above your feed and choose "Create a list."


2. Fill in the fields...

Set Profile Picture on Twitter

1. Sign in to Twitter.

2. Find the drop-down menu with your Twitter name in the top right hand corner and select "Settings" from the options. (Your page may...

Set a Custom Background on Twitter

Setting different colors and background for twitter is easy.

First after logging into Twitter, choose Settings from the top right dropdown



Reply to a tweet

1. After signing in to Twitter, find the tweet you would like to reply to.

2. Hover your cursor over the tweet and select "reply."

3. A box will...

Retweet a post

1. After signing in to Twitter, hover your cursor over any part of the tweet you want to retweet.


2. Click "Retweet."


Mention someone in a tweet

1. After signing in to Twitter, start typing your tweet in the status box.


2. When you would like to mention someone type...

Set up a Twitter Account

1. From the Twitter homepage fill in the Sign Up form.


2. Twitter can suggest people you might want to follow based on...

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