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Move website, remove folder name from path

This is how to re-direct existing URLs to the new path after moving the site. For example purposes, I am using /folder/, please substitute your own folder name (hey, there is always one person that doesn’t). SCENARIO: Client has a website in a subfolder on their server such as /folder/ so that the links currently indexed by google might be something like: NON-SEF: SEF1: SEF2: STRINGS: GOAL: When a user goes to those links, …

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So Could You Give Us A Shout Out?

Nearly everyone has heard the old adage, a happy customer tells an average of 3 people when they’ve had a great customer experience with a company, a product or service. In the web world this proves even more true and the reach much wider since we are all extra social creatures these days, with our blogging, tweeting, pinning and liking. So if you’ve had a great experience working with YellowWebMonkey Web Design we would love …

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Fix Out of Date PHP

More and more extensions are requiring PHP 5.3.  If you are getting warnings, there are two main ways of switching your website over to PHP 5.3 Using .htaccess Towards the top of your .htaccess, add: # Use PHP 5.3AddType application/x-httpd-php53.php   Change in Control Panel of Hosting Look for “CGI and Scripted Language Support” Then go to “PHP Scripting” Set “Select Default PHP Version” to PHP 5.3

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