The QR Code, Examples of Business Use

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Last week, I released a blog giving a brief overview of the possibilities that QR Codes hold for business. There are a lot of ways that they can be used to benefit any small business.

However, depending upon the business there are some ways that are far more effective. What I want to accomplish with this blog is to show positive uses for QR codes in different industries such as: Marketing/Networking, Realty, and Weddings.

qr code ywm

  • Marketing/Networking

The first stop on our journey is the world of Marketing and Networking. QR Codes aside, one of the most traditional ways to go about networking is through the use of business cards. They have always been quick, easy, and portable ways to make your name travel with potential clients. However, business cards have always lacked the extra information that may sway a purchase. It left one option open to receive information, calling the name on the card. Then one day someone had the brilliant idea to add a QR code on their business card. Not only now is the person able to access whatever information you want them to via QR scanner, but it also is a fancy way to make your business look ahead of the curve. There are many creative ways you can use this idea, but the ability to provide more information on your business card is invaluable for anyone looking to increase sales.

  • Real Estate

Our next stop is going to be the real estate business. Real Estate companies have constantly been caught in a struggle to create some form of eye-catching, yet professional, advertising for selling a home. Just like with business cards, real estate signs are really only able to redirect the potential customer to the real estate agent. However, with the addition of a QR Code on the sign, curiosity most times will overcome the customer and the appeal of this up and coming technology will shed the agency in a better light. Most of the time these codes redirect the customer to online listings for the house with extensive information that a sign can’t hold. In addition, this eliminates the need for tedious pamphlets that accompany the sign. Some agencies are now using signs that only have a QR code on them. The creativity available in this technology is seemingly endless.

  • Wedding/Events Planning

Our last stop on this quest for creative QR uses, we will look at the wedding industry. The wedding industry and even events planning as a whole have a lot of responsibilities to the customer. Because of this the customer is very particular about who they want to hire for their services. So some creative uses for QR Codes, with weddings being an example, are links to mailing lists that can give updates on events. Another use could be a link to a video that highlights a wedding that your company planned. It could show a picture, or simply lead to a Facebook page. How to display this QR code is entirely up to you. The business card formula is always useful, placing one on your Facebook page is a must, and having one on pamphlets and websites is also useful. Some companies have gotten so creative that they have even made a QR code on a wedding cake. What that has done has transformed your product into an edible piece of 21st century technology, which to the consumer is incredibly cool.

  • Wrap Up

Whatever business you may have, whether it be real estate, events planning, sales, QR codes are a great way to get a technological gain on your opponent. It supplies extra information to your customer surrounded by high tech wrapping paper. If you have yet to utilize this technology, do so today.

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