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Adjusting Print CSS so links are hidden in Gantry 5

Bootstrap loads print styling to most websites that prints out the target link for any linked items. To hide this, go to your templates custom.scss file (if you do not have one, see Below the other media queries, add: @media print {  @page {size: auto;  margin: 0mm;}  img {border: 0;}  p a[href^=”#”]:after, p a[href^=”http://”]:after, a[href^=”https://”]:after,.btn-default:after, .btn-success:after, .btn-primary:after, a[href]:after {display: none;}  p a {word-wrap: break-word;}  a {color: #000;text-decoration:none;}}


How to create a custom stylesheet in your Shopify Store

It is often necessary to add custom styling to your Shopify theme. If you add it to your theme.scss.liquid and the theme is updated you will lose all of your changes. So we create a new SCSS file to keep all the custom styles nice and safe as well as much easier to edit.   1. Create a new asset for CSS styling: custom.scss.liquid This is where we are going to put all our custom …

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Add a Sitemap for your Shopify Customers without an App

For your e-commerce shop, a sitemap is a page which lists all of your products, collections, shop categories as well as other pages. It links them well and makes them easily available for your customers. A sitemap is usually found in the footer menu of a website.  Although Shopify provides the XML sitemap for Google, you generally have to install a paid app to have a sitemap for your customers. We code a customer sitemap …

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Shopify Announcement/Promotion Bar with Options

Although most Shopify templates have an announcement bar, there are not very customizeable.  We built this custom section for a client because they have frequent promotions and need the colors to match the sale graphic.  We also added animation to it to draw more attention.  The result works great and is easy to install.  We have all the code snippets loaded into Gist and you can read more about it below:   Here is the …

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Redirect PDF File Only When Missing

We have a client that has hundreds of training and product manuals and many have been removed over time.  That creates broken links and frustrated customers for them.  They had two folders that these resided in, /images/documents/ and /im_uploads/ We recommend creating a new page with a specific message that the resource is missing and then adding a search form and links to browse.  In the example below, we made such a page with a …

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Cannot Access Modules In Mijoshop

It is seriously frustrating to install a 3rd party extension into Mijoshop, only to get the error “The page you are looking for could not be found! Please contact your administrator if the problem persists.” afterwards.  There are generally two ways to fix this: 1. Access Issue Some extensions require that you give permissions first.  Go to users->user groups->Administrators and then for both Access Permissions and Modify Perrmisions, hit Unselect All, then Select All.     …

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Redirect Loop after No Changes

We had a site that suddenly had an important menu item error out with a redirect loop.  The odd part was we made no changes directly to the item.  The main culprit for this is using the .htaccess but we hadn’t made changes to that file in months.  There was also nothing in the Redirect Manager that would affect it.  The issue ended up being that both the main menu item and another menu item …

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Prevent Joomla Multilingual Language Code within external files

If you have your website setup to be multilingual, then you probably have the System – Language Code plugin enabled.  However, this can cause issues if you want to directly link to a file or non-Joomla folder on your site.  Some examples are direct links to multimedia (images, PDF, videos), or navigating to other installations like a store or Mautic that you have in a subfolder.   Unfortunately, the solution I used is a hack of …

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Quick and Easy Tools

Quick Difference An Online Tool to do a ‘quick and dirty’ diff of two text or code fragments   Jack of All Trades  This is an incredible tool that can quickly reformat any text by adding, replacing, deleting, or sorting based on specified criteria.   htaccess Functionality Tester To test your htaccess rewrite rules, simply fill in the url that you’re applying the rules to, place the contents of your htaccess on …

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Make Opencart/Mijoshop Success Message More Noticeable

We use Mijoshop on quite a few client sites.  While I love how extendable it is, I HATE how after adding an item to cart, it only adds a bootstrap alert message that is not very noticeable on it.  Here is a solution that is only CSS to animated it and make the links pop a bit more: The code for this is: #mijoshop .alert.alert-success {animation-duration: 2.5s;animation-name: slidein;animation-iteration-count: 1;} .alert-success a, .alert-success a:hover, .alert-success .alert-link, …

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