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Quick and Easy Tools

Quick Difference An Online Tool to do a ‘quick and dirty’ diff of two text or code fragments   Jack of All Trades  This is an incredible tool that can quickly reformat any text by adding, replacing, deleting, or sorting based on specified criteria.   htaccess Functionality Tester To test your htaccess …

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yellowwebmonkey web services

Recolor Form Field Placeholder Text

*::-webkit-input-placeholder {color: #666;}*:-moz-placeholder {color: #666;}*::-moz-placeholder {color: #666;}*:-ms-input-placeholder {color: #666;}#form-application select, #form-application select option:disabled, select option.placeholder {color: #666;}


Redirects for Joomla Experimental URL Routing

Although I found a posted solution a few months ago for URLs with article ID only (, I had several different scenarios that were going to 404’s.  Those were:     Links with category ID   Links with regular, non ID numbers in alias   Below is the condensed code …

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