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Creating User Access Levels

1.  Go to Users>>Access Levels>>Add New Access Level 2.  Name the new level you are creating and select a access level Save and close.

yellowwebmonkey web services

Adding / Removing Items to RSFirewall Black/White lists

If you have a need to block or permanently allow a particular IP address follow this tutorial to do so in RSFirewall.

Blacklist=IP addresses who can not acces your sites URL at all.

Whitelist=IP address will always be allowed to access your sites URL.

yellowwebmonkey web services

Monitoring RSFirewall Logs

Ever wondered where you can see who as attempted to log in to the backend of your site?  This tutorial can walk you through how to use RSFirewall logs.

yellowwebmonkey web services

Menu / Article Titles

Have a page that has a double title or no title and it needs one this can help you get your page titles correct. 

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