Adding / Editing Files (pdf, doc, xml)

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To add or edit files on your site follow these steps

1.  Go to Content>>Article Manager

add pdf

2. Select the article that contains the file you need to add / edit

add pdf 1

3.  If adding select the place in the article you want the file added


If editing select the context that already contains the link to your file


Add or change the file 

1.  Select the Add/Edit File button

Add File in JCE

2.  Either drop the file in to the box where directed or select browse to find the file on your computer.

add pdf 4

3.  After selecting from your comulter the file will show up for you to upload.

add pdf 5

4.  Select the file you upoaded.

*Be sure the URL gets filled in when you select the file

add pdf 6

These are the common settings to look for

a.  Select how you would like this file to be opening i.e. in a new window or in place of the current page

b.  Select if you want the icon for file to show up i.e. pdf, doc, xml

c.  The content you want to show up for the link

add pdf 8

5.  Verify the file is showing up the way you selected

add pdf 9

Save and Close

Check on the Front End












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