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Websites Backup Files (Akeeba Backup)

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the Akeeba backup file we send to our clients.   {slider Why are backups important?|closed} They can be used to restore your site if your hosting goes down, domain expires, or you accidentally break your website.  It is also a copy of all the work that you paid YellowWebMonkey to do {slider What is Akeeba?} Akeeba Backup creates a site backup that can be restored on almost any hosting. …

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Using pre-set headings

1.  Go to Content>>Article Manager 2.  Select the article you want to edit 3.  Select where in the article you would like to add / change / delete content. Then select the formatting drop down for content formatting.    To get only the hidhlighted text to be the new format (in this case Heading 1) it has to be on a line by itself.   4.  Save your changes   Note:  If you do not …

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