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Customize Date Format in Mijoshop

Mijoshop defaults to show the date as d/m/Y.   Mijoshop Date Tut1 This should be something you can fix in Language Override, but it does not work at...

Make Telephone Number Optional in MijoShop

To optimize checkout conversions, you want to limit how much information is "required" from a customer.  By default, MijoShop and OpenCart require a customer's telephone number.  

Set Product On Sale/Special In MijoShop

Go to your MijoShop Component Go to the specific product you would like to place on special.   Select the “Special” Tab and then “Add Special”   Add necessary...

Adding / Copying products to MijoShop

Adding a New Product Click Components>>MijoShop>>Products   Click Insert   Add all of the pertinent information as it relates to your product in the various tabs Some of the...

Turn on/off the headers or footers in MijoShop

The MijoShop header contains the currency, shopping cart, search function, and quick menu.  The footer contains several menus with links to the information pages, returns, affiliate programs, wishlist and...

Hide Company ID/Tax ID fields in MijoShop

Go to COMPONENTS->MijoShop

Then go to SALES->USERS->Customer Groups

Click EDIT next to the Default user group.

Set "Display Company No.:" to NO

Set "Display Tax ID.:" to NO

Set up FEDEX.com Account

  • First go to www.fedex.com
  • Identify your region on the map
  • When on the homepage, click the "Register Now," button.


  • On...

Get an Authorize.net Verified Merchant Seal

*You must already have an authorize.net account for this tutorial.

1). Go to https://account.authorize.net/ and login.

2.) Click on 

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