Adding / Copying products to MijoShop

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Adding a New Product

Click Components>>MijoShop>>Products



Click Insert



Add all of the pertinent information as it relates to your product in the various tabs

Some of the key elements are:

  • General Tab – everything
  • Data Tab- See Below


The others are used on an as applicable basis and are self explanatory

Such as:

  • add alternate images in the “images” tan
  • add specials in the “specials” tab


When all the information for the product is added Save & Close



Copying an Existing Product


If you are adding a product that is very similar to a product you already have in your catalogue you can copy the existing product.  

This will create a copy you can edit.  

See below for instructions


Select the product you want to copy by putting a check mark before the product and then clicking copy


The copied product will be automatically disabled.

Click “Edit” to edit the product


Change any settings necessary to update the product.

Save & Close





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