Using Module Suffix’s

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Go to the module you want to add the suffix to.

Select the ADVANCED tab

Add the suffix’s as needed.  Ex title3 box1

mod suffix

Common Module Class Suffixes 

  • title1-title10: changes the look of the title
  • box1-box10:  changes the look of the boxes

Additional Module Class Suffixes

  • rt-center: centres the content of the module.

  • rt-uppercase, rt-lowercase: change the case of the module title.

  • nomargintop, nomarginright, nomarginbottom, nomarginleft, nomarginall: removes the various margins around the module.

  • nopaddingtop, nopaddingright, nopaddingbottom, nopaddingleft, nopaddingall: removes the various paddings around the module.

  • (small/med/large)margintop, (small/med/large)marginright, (small/med/large)marginbottom, (small/med/large)marginleft: increase the margins around the module.

  • (small/med/large)paddingtop, (small/med/large)paddingright, (small/med/large)paddingbottom, (small/med/large)paddingleft: increase the paddings around the module.

  • (subsmall/submed/sublarge)margintop, (subsmall/submed/sublarge)marginright, (subsmall/submed/sublarge)marginbottom, (subsmall/submed/sublarge)marginleft, (subsmall/submed/sublarge)marginall: decrease the margins around the module.

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