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Why We’re a Google Partner Agency

We’re happy to announce that YellowWebMonkey has met the new, updated Google Partner requirements. We have been a Google Partner since the program’s creation in 2013, and now we’ve met the latest set of requirements to maintain our status. The three pillars of Google Partner status are performance, certifications and ad spend.  Becoming a Google Partner …

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Autocrat error of API developer key is invalid

***Update as of 4 June 2021*** Autocrat is returning an error that the API developer key is invalid. We believe the developer was using a Google API, and their key expired. We would recommend trying one of the following add-ons instead: Mail Merge Docs Install here: Mail Merge Add-on Install here:


Use Custom Google Tags to Track Events on Your Website

You’ve just created new content on your site: a podcast, downloadable infographic, submission form, etc., but aren’t quite sure what your site visitors view as valuable content. Google Analytics gives us some of this information by telling us what pages are popular and where visitors come from in terms of both traffic and demographics, but …

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