Finding a WordPress Web Developer for Your Long-Term Needs

You have an attractive, in-depth, and competitive WordPress site. You are showcasing your brand and engaging new customers. But don’t celebrate just yet. Now is not the time for respite. 

Unless you’ve already established website maintenance, your WordPress efforts have only just begun. 

Companies commonly devote a substantial budget to website building. There are endless web developers eager to assist with this phase of site start-up and design. 

The problem is, the majority of these web designers make hasty exits. They leave companies with working WordPress websites for the moment, but with zero resources to maintain it. 

Managing an existing website may sound simple enough, especially through a builder as ubiquitous as WordPress. But business owners ultimately discover that a fluid website requires an enormous dedication of time and maintenance. And more pointedly: an expert set of skills.

That’s what makes web agencies like us unique. We will take over an existing website, audit it for search engine optimization, implement cutting-edge (or the latest) SEO practices, and perform ongoing technical maintenance. It doesn’t matter if someone else was a front-end developer. We’ll take it and improve it. 

Why You Need WordPress Experts

Anyone can build a basic WordPress site with a custom WordPress theme. But a continuous online presence requires a long-term, one-stop-development-shop. 

Our design model is based on long-term partnerships. We aren’t here to split after the first date. We serve clients that are looking for substantive and committed web development—in all of its intricacies. 

Careful, continued monitoring is crucial for any site. Your website is your online presence, your front-page advertising, your brand; it must be consistently evaluated to run seamlessly. 

Like a building left unattended, an unmaintained site will eventually see cracks in the walls and foundation. But WordPress experts work hard to keep everything strong and secure. This includes: 

  • Running WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates/plugin development
  • Ensuring site security against viruses/hackers
  • Keeping your website up and running
  • Providing automated backups
  • Making sure the site/pages load quickly
  • Keeping best practices and continually reassessing the best SEO
  • Creating a content management system as part of inbound marketing 

Website maintenance requires far more than banker’s hours, too. It’s a 24/7 job that relies on a team of professionals. Our employees straddle six different time zones and provide exactly that coverage. 

Many of our clients have been with us over five years—some, ten. We’ve partnered with them through the bulk of their growth and development journeys. As they’ve been forced to adapt to the economy, technological advances, and the competitive online climate, their websites have had to evolve, too.  

Diligent site management also requires connections that go far beyond the connection to your WiFi router. It demands business connections that must be earned, like our stance as a Google Partner and an Semrush Agency. 

It’s the type of networking that takes time to establish, and that we do on your behalf. 

All of this translates into one thing: we know how to maximize your WordPress presence to your benefit. And, we’re poised to do so far longer than the foreseeable future. 

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