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YWM Personalized Solution #6

Client Background: A career and education client who hosts a website that contains a variety of standardized practice tests increased their organic traffic by 85% over the past year.

google analytics

There are many contributing factors that led to the impressive results, including personalized solutions developed by the YellowWebMonkey team to address some of the unique challenges the client faced. This case study focuses on some of those specific solutions that contributed to the overall success.

1. Custom Search Engine

Challenge: In today’s fast paced world, the ability of a website visitor to locate the information they seek quickly and accurately is key to ensuring return visits and customer loyalty. Our client provides free test preparation and practice tests with a large database of standardized tests. If users cannot locate a test quickly, are likely to bounce and find another option.

YWM Personalized Solution: Enabling the user to find the test they are looking for with minimal effort is imperative to enhancing the user experience on the site. YellowWebMonkey implemented a “find your test” box that auto completes the search box by using a predefined set of search terms and tags to make finding the right test easier for site visitors.

custom search

This feature was created as a custom module that could be assigned to a custom position on the desired pages.

2. Frequently Asked Questions with Google Structured Data

Challenge: A user’s ability to find answers to a commonly asked question they may have regarding a service rather than having to email the site owner is convenient and time saving. Having a properly marked up frequently asked questions (FAQ) page may be eligible to have a rich result on Search and an action on the Google Assistant, which can help a site reach the right users.


YWM Personalized Solution: Having a FAQ accordion slider is one way to enhance the user experience and make answering common questions easy. YWM built a custom module for a FAQ accordion slider that automatically adds new structured data for FAQs. This simple to implement module allows the site owner to better reach the right users based on user search queries.

nremt faqs

3. Unique Meta Descriptions for Hundreds of Pages

Challenge: High quality, unique meta descriptions can make a sites results more relevant to a search user and can increase search traffic. This particular site had about 400 pages that did not have unique meta descriptions. Adding them one by one can be very time consuming, so the client was interested in a bulk add option that would make adding a large number of meta descriptions quicker and easier.

YWM Personalized Solution: Adding a third party extension allowed the client to add the large quantity of unique meta descriptions in a table format. The client was able to add a large quantity of meta descriptions quickly and increase search traffic to their site.

unique meta descriptions

4. Custom Category Page

Challenge: One way to make a site more user friendly is to have information easily accessible to the site visitor. This client wanted to have their articles display below the sub category descriptions on their site.

YWM Personalized Solution: The YWM web team was able to rearrange the content template to facilitate displaying the articles below the sub category descriptions. This allows a much easier user interface, making a site more preferable to users and more likely to be visited again. These sub category descriptions were also added to subsequent pages to make finding a specific test much easier.

custom cat page

5. Site Breadcrumbs with Google Structured Data

Challenge: The client wanted to change the way their breadcrumbs were tracked. Normally, breadcrumbs are tracked by menu hierarchy, but this client preferred to track by category.

YWM Personalized Solution: The YWM web team created custom breadcrumbs modules that split between JSON and visible breadcrumbs. This allowed the client to have a customized way to track specific breadcrumbs based on category and subcategory.

site breadcrumbs

6. Abandoned Extension

Challenge: The client wanted to use a Joomla component that was no longer supported by the developer. This component represents 80% of the site’s content and what powers the site. If this broke, it would be catastrophic for the site.

YWM Personalized Solution: An essential Joomla component that was no longer supported by the developer was rewritten for the client to use for quizzes that can be taken on the site.

abandonded extension

7. Integration of Google Surveys

Challenge: The client wanted to implement Google Consumer Surveys (GCS) to their site so that a user needs to answer a survey before they can see their quiz results. These surveys lead to a higher revenue for the client.

YWM Personalized Solution: The YWM team added the ability to display Google Consumer Surveys on select quizzes by enabling an option in the menu item for that quiz. To avoid user fatigue with constant surveys and a drop in the rankings for a specific quiz, the client can easily rotate which quizzes have the survey.

google surveys

8. Summary

This client was able to significantly increase their organic traffic with the help of some personalized solutions that the YWM team developed to address specific problems for their site. The custom search engine allows users to more quickly and efficiently locate the test they are searching for. The FAQ accordion slider developed by YWM allows the site owner to better reach the right users based on their search terms. Adding quality, unique meta descriptions in bulk allowed the site owner to increase their search traffic without the very time-consuming process of adding meta descriptions one at a time. By rearranging the content template, the YWM web team was able to display the articles below the sub categories which allowed the site user to more efficiently access needed information and increased return visits. Thanks to a customized breadcrumb tracking module developed by the YWM web team, the client was able to track their breadcrumbs by category and sub category rather than the typical menu hierarchy. An extension that was no longer supported by the developer, but reflected a large percent of the site’s content was rewritten by YWM to ensure the client’s site continued to operate optimally. Integrating a Google Survey at the end of select quizzes increased the client’s revenue, while the ability to apply to only specific quizzes and to change those quizzes frequently ensured that no quiz dropped in ranking. The combination of many personalized solutions has contributed to a dramatic increase in organic traffic for this client. No matter the problem, the YWM web team was able to resolve it with a solution that benefitted the client and the users of their site.

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