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YWM Personalized Solution #3

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Client: Bpeace

Problem: Bpeace is a thriving non-profit that works to pair highly skilled volunteers (Skillanthropists) with businesses in developing countries. The goal of the partnership is to equip the local entrepreneur with the skills necessary to grow the business and, in turn, create more jobs and boost the local economy. However, in order to create the partnerships, Bpeace needed a way to clearly organize and advertise their volunteer opportunities. Previously, Bpeace was simply posting the volunteer opportunities on their Twitter feed, but wanted a more effective way to recruit skillanthropists.

YWM Personalized Solution: We knew potential Skillanthropists were busy entrepreneurs themselves and needed a user-friendly browsing experience that would highlight potential opportunities in a clear and concise way. With this goal in mind, we designed a volunteer database that catalogued all opportunities in an organized fashion, thereby allowing users to sort through many opportunities in a short period of time.

Client Feedback: “Alexis and her team are always quick to come up with a customized solution to help us achieve our goals. To increase the duration of each user’s visit, and the length of time on our site, Alexis developed a Skillanthropy Custom System. While our site traffic has remained steady, we have increased the duration of each client visit by 19% over the last six months. We are thrilled to see visitors explore more pages and learning how they can make an impact through their Skillanthrophy. “ -Toni Maloney, BPeace CEO

Check out the new volunteer database here!

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