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YWM Personalized Solution #5

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Client: CDL Jobs

Problem: is a live-time website that advertises commercial truck driving jobs for transportation carriers. Commercial Driver’s License jobs are one of the greatest shortfalls in our current economy, and wanted to narrow that gap. In order to be competitive, knew it needed a dependable website that would draw drivers and carriers back time and time again.

Because the job opportunities are constantly fluctuating based on the needs of the companies, it was imperative that had a dynamic website that could easily handle the steady flow of information. Before they reached out to YWM, every Commercial Driver’s License job had to be manually typed into the system, and their database contained about 1,500 open jobs, on average. They knew that with YellowWebMonkey’s help, they could create a website that would allow companies to easily import jobs while offering potential drivers access to the latest opportunities.

YWM Personalized Solution: We knew that simplicity was key to this design and wanted to ensure it was incredibly easy for carriers to post jobs. By extending their existing custom component, we built new functionality that allows carriers to post jobs automatically into the site so their needs can be met in a timely manner. Most large carriers have a job listing feed that is generated by their internal systems, so now the website grabs that daily and automatically imports new jobs. This is great news for HR employees who no longer have to waste time inputting job listings!

For the potential drivers, we made it possible for their completed job applications to be sent directly into the carriers’ SalesForce account and other Customer Relationship Management Systems. In addition,’s site pre-matches applicants with carriers by only delivering applications from those drivers who have the correct certifications for the job. By doing this, they eliminated any extra lag time in the application process. Now drivers can get on the road faster and companies can more efficiently serve their clients. After creating these new systems on their site, CDL jobs went from posting jobs for about 30 carriers to over 100! Now they post over 11,000 jobs each day!

Client Feedback: “The YellowWebMonkey Team have been invaluable in our growth as a company!  Their professional work and creative solutions allowed us to more than triple our clients in a short amount of time.  I cannot speak highly enough about how wonderful their team is!” Darin Williams, CEO, CDL Jobs

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