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YWM Personalized Solution #4

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Client: DEWALT Mobilelock

Problem: Like businesses everywhere, DEWALT Mobilelock understood the importance of maintaining an efficient and easy-to-use online shop for its customers, but its previous solution wasn’t fitting the bill. They were using a Network Solutions simple cart that wasn’t able to integrate with their shipping accounts or customer database. DEWALT knew there must be a more efficient way to handle transactions and increase revenue, but needed YWM’s help to get it done.

YWM Personalized Solution: With the rise of online shopping, we know that businesses must maintain a user-friendly and dynamic website in order to increase revenue. We switched DEWALT from a simple cart to a highly integrated eCommerce shop. To make their eCommerce dreams come to life, here are just a few of the changes we made to their shop:

  • Added prominent BUY NOW buttons to items so shoppers can directly add product to their cart.
  • Embedded coupon codes in links so the discount is automatically applied when shoppers click on it to visit the site.
  • Made it possible for representatives to “build” carts for clients and share it with them. This is a great way to alleviate customers frustrations with online shopping!
  • Integrated DEWALT’s shipping account with its customer database to streamline the order fulfillment process. This saves everyone time!

But the best news of all? Since we made the switch to the eCommerce store, DEWALT’s sales have increased dramatically and they now have over $100,000 in sales each year!

Client Feedback: When we came to Alexis and her team at YellowWebMonkey, we had an antiquated Network Solutions simple cart, which they converted to a full eCommerce site.  Their customization allowed us to use affiliate marketing campaigns, giving us flexibility to partner through social media, thus driving our sales in the last twelve months to over $140,000, nearly doubling them.  YellowWebMonkey gave us a professional online store at a crucial time in the online sales marketplace. -Chris Allen, President, DEWALT Mobilelock

Check out this new site in action:

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