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YWM Personalized Solution #1

Client: San Antonio Humane Society

Problem: Due to the unpredictable nature of running a humane society, it is difficult to anticipate increases in occupancy. SAHS cares deeply about the animals it serves and is proud to be a no kill shelter. In order to be proactive, the SAHS needed a way to highlight dogs in need of immediate adoption in order to prevent pups from possibly being euthanized should the SAHS reach max capacity.

YWM Personalized Solution: We knew that it was our job to ensure visitors to the site became acutely aware of the society’s urgent needs. In order to save these pups, we designed an urgent announcement feature that only appears when pups are in need of immediate adoption. Because this feature only appears when necessary, it is able to effectively draw attention to the need.

Client Feedback: “We (San Antonio Humane Society) had been looking for a good way to get announcements out on our website without removing or changing what’s already on the front page. YWM suggested we add this urgent announcement feature which works perfectly! It’s visible and encourages the user to click on it, without it taking up too much space like a regular popup. YWM always helps us out and suggests ways to improve our site, and this was another great addition!” – Mikael Perrson, Multimedia Manager, San Antonio Humane Society

Check out this feature in action!

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