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YWM Personalized Solution #2

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Client: IBRS

Problem: IBRS is a dynamic advisory and consulting firm based in Australia that works with clients from varying industries. IBRS’s goal is to ensure their clients utilize better practices in order to remain competitive in the ever-changing business landscape. One of the many resources IBRS offers to its clients is a comprehensive database of advisory articles that are used to inform clients of new technologies, better practices, possible solutions, and effective strategies for any potential business issue. The problem, however, was that the database lacked functionality because it failed to link between similar articles, it didn’t keep a record of recently viewed articles for its users, and lastly, IBRS had no way of tracking which parts of the database were being accessed.

YWM Personalized Solution: YWM came to the rescue by not only utilizing Joomla tools to solve the problems, but by incorporating 3rd party modules to most effectively increase the functionality of the database. YWM solved this problem in two parts – first by increasing the functionality of the database, and secondly by ensuring IBRS could track users’ viewing history to inform their own practices.

In order to efficiently categorize the nearly 9,000 articles in the database, YWM designers wrote custom database queries to add tags to each article. Recognizing Joomla’s limitations with related article functionality, however, YWM integrated a 3rd party module to efficiently search for articles using an algorithm that includes article tags, author, and publication date. Understanding that users would want access to recently viewed articles, YWM integrated another 3rd party component to generate each user’s viewing history. Now that the database was highly functional, YWM wanted to ensure that it was also incredibly user-friendly. To this end, YWM designers coded custom templates for the recently viewed and related articles that generated pop-up icons on the sidebar. Now that the database was highly functional and user-friendly, our web designers customized Joomla’s user management system by attaching each user to the correct subscribing organization. By doing this, YWM is able to track each user’s activity in the database and include it in IBRS’s monthly data tracking reports.

Client Feedback: We were looking to add value for our customers when viewing articles on our site. With a catalogue of nearly 9000 articles we wanted to help our customers find similar articles to the one they were interested in. Initially, YWM helped us with tags to provide our customers with a list of related articles in a pop up box. We found we wanted to create an even greater focus and that’s when Alexis told us about the related articles field. Although we are in the early stages, this function will allow us to link specific related articles for the customer to click on to read more. We can also track if our customers are using it. We envisage this function will benefit both our customers and our business.”

– Kerrie Opdam, Support Manager, IBRS

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