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The NEW Joomla 3.7

Joomla 3.7 is here and it’s packed full of features to simplify your workflow. With over 700 new improvements and 40 new features you’ll want to upgrade your site to the latest version ASAP. While we can’t cover all 700 of them, here are the highlights for some of the features you will likely use the most  and will make your life a whole lot easier.


Custom Fields

One of the best new features is now there are 15 custom field types available for you to use for your Articles, Users and Forms.

To show the custom field types available for Articles, you first need to activate Show Article Options:

This will allow you access custom fields including:

  • Calendar: Pops up a calendar that allows the user to select a date
  • Checkboxes: Creates a single box that is checked or unchecked
  • Color: Provides a color picker
  • List: Creates a dropdown list of customized options to select from
  • Media: Allows users to upload images
  • Textarea: Allows entry of multiple lines of text


New Features for TinyMCE Editor

New Buttons have been added to the Tiny MCE editor. Now you can quickly and easily add menu links, contacts and newsfeeds to your articles: You can also customize the editor to change the options available for us based on specific groups of users.


New Article Features

You can now create a menu item, an article and a category - all in one step, without going back and forth between content, category and menu manager.

In addition articles can now also be sorted  by ratings and hits by clicking on the column headers in the Article manager.


Backend Menu Manager

Your administration menus can now be organized so that there are different menus available based on user groups.


Shared Session Logins

If you’re accustomed to having to login to the frontend and the backend of your site, you can kiss those days goodbye. Now with the shared sessions login option available in the global settings.


Multilingual Site Support

The Multilingual Associations Component now allows for the content language to be created automatically during the installation of a new language package, easily published with one click.

These are only some of the many great features in the new Joomla 3.7 release. So why wait? Don't delay, contact us today. 

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Google OCR Review

A free Google application that converts scanned documents to text in PDF form.


Functions & Aspects:

OCR stands for optical character recognition. Google OCR takes a piece of a scanned document, whether it be a resume or application, etc. And converts the image into an editable PDF document. Since this OCR is associated with google, every document converted is sent to your google docs to be easily shared. Google OCR can also recognize text in 34 languages.

File Formats of Google OCR:

Google OCR can use .jpg, .png, and .gif files to convert to .pdf files only. This makes GOCR useful in that those are some of the most common file types, but useless in the since that it is limited by these four file types only. If someone wanted to use .tif file, they would be out of luck.

Cost of Google OCR:

Google's optical character recognition is free as long as you are uploading the images using Google Docs.


Ease of use:

Google OCR is extremely easy to use for a few reasons. It can be used with any scanner or recognize pictures from mobile phones. So even if you see a piece of paper or a flyer your interested in on bulletin board, just snap a picture of it, and you can have it saved to your tablet or computer in minutes.

Another reason GOCR is so easy to use is the process uploading & converting itself. When you upload a document into Google Docs, you have to option of converting the image (a scanned document) into .pdf form. All you have to do is check a box and GOCR does the rest. So virtually no hassle is involved with Google OCR.

Where Google OCR lacks:

Google OCR is known for it's character recognition abilities, but it is not always so reliable when it comes to formatting. Text formats such as bold and italic text, font size, and line breaks do not always appear exactly as show in the original document. Also, elements such as bulleted and numbered lists, tables, text columns, and headers/footers will not show up at all. Google's explanation for this is that "detecting these elements is difficult" but I believe the real reason is that the technology is so new, that it hasn't progressed to that level yet.

Other products like Google OCR:

Some of Google OCR's competitors include Free-OCR, WebOCR, and OmniPage 18. Google's OCR and Free-OCR have absolutely no price, but some of the characters do not always convert correctly. WebOCR has been around for a very long time, at least 10 years. It has less issues with character recognition but has a yearly price after a free trial. OmniPage 18 is a high-end professional software that is supposedly flawless in it's character recognition and capabilities. However, OmniPage comes at a price of $150. So, If you are looking for free program to convert simple documents, use Google OCR or Free-OCR. But, if you need more professional looking documents and images, use OmniPage or WebOCR.

Why I would recommend Google OCR:

I would highly recommend Google OCR for any uploading and converting you need to do. These are a few reasons why I believe this is a useful product. First, Google OCR is a free program. No yearly fees, no one time fee and no recurring fees. Completely free for anyone to use. Second, is that you are able to upload and convert with digital cameras and mobile phones. This means that you can snap photographs on the run and review them later when you are not as busy. Finally, I love how Google ties it's OCR application into Google Docs. This makes it so much easier to email and share your documents. Let's say you convert a document and want to send it to all your employees, they don't have to learn how to use an OCR software, they just receive a .Pdf! It can save a lot of time.

All in all I think Google OCR is ground-breaking and should continue to improve the technology. This kind of tech paves the way for future software and programs.

Cited Sources & Important Notes:,,,,


Start using Google OCR here. Select "Upload" to use the application. You must have an account with Google.

Thank you for reading this blog; and feel free to leave comments or questions. Thanks.



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20July Review

The people you follow on Twitter can say as much about you as what you tweet. What if you could compile the important links and information displayed in your Twitter feed in a format you can share with your followers? This is the service that the website offers.

Our Twitter stream can say a lot about us. If you are someone who follows Twitter accounts for a specific reason (not just blindly following back), your stream is probably full of articles, photos, and information that interests you. The first few tweets on my stream, for example, are a photo shared by an actor on my favorite TV show, a link to a video of someone I’m subscribed to on YouTube, and an update from my high school. gives me the option to share all of those bits of information and media in one place. This website combines everything you want to share on Twitter and publishes it in an online newspaper.
Simplicity. All you have to do is sign up for an account, choose what you want to go into your paper, and publish.
Design. The content is beautifully displayed in a classic layout.
Customization. There are several ways to choose the content that goes into your paper. You can not only add you and the people you follow, but also specific tags, users, and keywords.
Auto-Update. Your paper can be synced to your Twitter account and updated 1-2 times daily or once weekly with little to no maintenance.
Ads. This is a free service so the website is supported by ads that will be placed in your paper.
Control. While you can choose exact streams, lists, or users to add to your paper, you can’t choose which tweets are added. The site chooses the most popular tweets to add, so you can’t always be sure of what will appear in your paper.
If you would like to check out sites similar to you can give The Tweeted Times,, or Twylah a try. These are all free services that offer ways to share your Twitter stream or other web content with your followers.
The Bottom Line is a very cool, fresh idea that can be used to represent you or your company, and I would definitely recommend trying it out. If you think the content represents what you want shared on Twitter I would also recommend linking your accounts. It's a super easy way to post content on Twitter without even logging in. You can use this tutorial if you need help setting up your account and linking it to Twitter. Come back and let us know what you think in the comments below!
No time to set up our own Let YellowWebMonkey set it up for you! set it up for you!

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How to Write a Review Blog: This Week's Battle of the Intern Challenge

People look for of products, services and even entertainment. This week our interns will write a review style blog. Learn with them how to use this type of blogging effectively.


1. Choose your topic carefully.

- Pick something new, something people do not have a lot of experience with....yet

- Pick something that people would be resistant to just trying themselves because of cost, availability or a wide range of choices


2. Break it apart and analyze each aspect of the product or service.

- Look at each main function/aspect separately and review each

- Discuss why this product or service would be useful or desirable to each specific audience.


3. Make comparisons.

- If there is a well known competitor, make a table and compare products side by side using those parts you analyzed

- Be specific in comparisons. Give people something tangible as a comparison.


4. Conclusion

- Have a 1-2 paragraph summary. Here list whether or not you recommend this product or service and why.



- Ask for specific comments. Encourage others opinions. This will expand your review and make it more relevant.


When writing a review, do a little research, form your own overall opinion of the product and then consider "What would people most want to know when making a choice between these products and services?". Be specific in your comparisons and don't be afraid to give your well formed and researched opinion....after all, that is why they are reading!

So, this week, look for new Review Blogs by our YellowWebMonkey interns, Scout and Brett. Choose your favorite and vote for them by "Liking" their blog or a quick Retweet. Then, try your hand at a Review blog to boost your web traffic or to convert readers to customers!

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WiseStamp Chrome extension empowers your email signature on each Gmail or Google Apps email you send. Easily customize Google Chrome html email signatures, Include IM & Social profiles, Automatically share your Blog posts, Quotes, News, Bookmarks and more…Enhance your personal and business Chrome email interactions.

WiseStamp is very useful because you can easily connect people with your social networking sites such as Twitter, RSS feeds, etc. It's also helpful because people can easily find out information about your website, company, or business.

Set up WiseStamp for your Gmail account by following these simple steps:

1. Download the WiseStamp extension.


2. Add your personal settings.


3. Confirm your settings, and create an email.

Congratulations, you have created your auto-updating signature with WiseStamp!

This video explains the process in detail.


This is my finished signature


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