The people you follow on Twitter can say as much about you as what you tweet. What if you could compile the important links and information displayed in your Twitter feed in a format you can share with your followers? This is the service that the website offers.

Our Twitter stream can say a lot about us. If you are someone who follows Twitter accounts for a specific reason (not just blindly following back), your stream is probably full of articles, photos, and information that interests you. The first few tweets on my stream, for example, are a photo shared by an actor on my favorite TV show, a link to a video of someone I’m subscribed to on YouTube, and an update from my high school. gives me the option to share all of those bits of information and media in one place. This website combines everything you want to share on Twitter and publishes it in an online newspaper.
Simplicity. All you have to do is sign up for an account, choose what you want to go into your paper, and publish.
Design. The content is beautifully displayed in a classic layout.
Customization. There are several ways to choose the content that goes into your paper. You can not only add you and the people you follow, but also specific tags, users, and keywords.
Auto-Update. Your paper can be synced to your Twitter account and updated 1-2 times daily or once weekly with little to no maintenance.
Ads. This is a free service so the website is supported by ads that will be placed in your paper.
Control. While you can choose exact streams, lists, or users to add to your paper, you can’t choose which tweets are added. The site chooses the most popular tweets to add, so you can’t always be sure of what will appear in your paper.
If you would like to check out sites similar to you can give The Tweeted Times,, or Twylah a try. These are all free services that offer ways to share your Twitter stream or other web content with your followers.
The Bottom Line is a very cool, fresh idea that can be used to represent you or your company, and I would definitely recommend trying it out. If you think the content represents what you want shared on Twitter I would also recommend linking your accounts. It’s a super easy way to post content on Twitter without even logging in. You can use this tutorial if you need help setting up your account and linking it to Twitter. Come back and let us know what you think in the comments below!
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