How to Write a Review Blog: This Week’s Battle of the Intern Challenge

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People look for reviews…reviews of products, services and even entertainment. This week our interns will write a review style blog. Learn with them how to use this type of blogging effectively.


1. Choose your topic carefully.

– Pick something new, something people do not have a lot of experience with….yet

– Pick something that people would be resistant to just trying themselves because of cost, availability or a wide range of choices


2. Break it apart and analyze each aspect of the product or service.

– Look at each main function/aspect separately and review each

– Discuss why this product or service would be useful or desirable to each specific audience.


3. Make comparisons.

– If there is a well known competitor, make a table and compare products side by side using those parts you analyzed

– Be specific in comparisons. Give people something tangible as a comparison.


4. Conclusion

– Have a 1-2 paragraph summary. Here list whether or not you recommend this product or service and why.



– Ask for specific comments. Encourage others opinions. This will expand your review and make it more relevant.


When writing a review, do a little research, form your own overall opinion of the product and then consider “What would people most want to know when making a choice between these products and services?”. Be specific in your comparisons and don’t be afraid to give your well formed and researched opinion….after all, that is why they are reading!

So, this week, look for new Review Blogs by our YellowWebMonkey interns, Scout and Brett. Choose your favorite and vote for them by “Liking” their blog or a quick Retweet. Then, try your hand at a Review blog to boost your web traffic or to convert readers to customers!

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