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Our Popular Social Media Class is Back!

Would you like to learn to make Social Media work for your business or organization? Join us for a Social Media Workshop.

This includes all original Social Media info plus much more:


  • Facebook Business Page: Reach clients and gain fans. Learn what's new.
  • Facebook Places: Claim your Facebook Place
  • Twitter: Tweet effectively and get noticed.
  • LinkedIn: Use your connections to enhance your business with personal and company pages
  • Foursquare or GoWalla: Encourage check ins and use GeoLocation to your advantage
  • Email Newsletters: Connect with your clients by building newsletters that get opened.

Whether you need help setting up Social Media for your business or just need to jumpstart your marketing plan, this workshop is for you.

When: Friday, October 28, 2011 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Where: Centex Litigation Services, Conference Room

7215 Bosque Blvd. Waco

Cost: $50 per person

Early Bird Discount! Save 20% if you register by Friday, October 14.

Special 20% Discount for YWM clients.

(may apply only one discount per purchase)

Sign Up Online Here

Refund Policy Cancellation Policy

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How to Clean up Your News Feed Using Facebook Subscribe

Do you ever get tired of scouring your Facebook news feed for updates from friends or fan pages? Sometimes it can seem like you’re drowning in a sea of useless information. If you’re one of the many who scroll past several updates from people you don’t know that well, then Facebook has a fun new tool just for you.

The Facebook Subscription system is a tool that is used to pick out the most relevant updates from your closest friends. Now if you hover over any update on your news feed you can see a drop down menu that will let you customize how many (or how few) updates you get from a particular Facebook friend.

fb subscribe 1

Most, if not all of your friends, were added to your subscription list when this update came out. So initially you will still see updates that aren’t a priority. However, if every time you log on you spend time subscribing or unsubscribing to certain posts, your news feed will be optimized to your pleasure quite quickly.

While the subscribe system has yet to be released for Facebook Pages, the Top Story system works essentially the same way. If you want to get more updates from a certain page, (say a band you like, or local business), when you see one of their posts you can mark it as a Top Story, and Facebook will make these posts appear more often.

fb subscribe 2

This system is a great way to make your Facebook more intelligent at tracking your interests and it takes almost no effort. In addition, it’s a good way to get updates to those closest to you. Whether it is announcing news to family and friends, or introducing a new product for your small business, the Facebook subscriber system is a solid tool that helps optimize your social media experience.

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Historic Oakwood Cemetery has a New Website

Oakwood Cemetery, founded in 1878 has chosen YellowWebMonkey to design their new website.

oakwoodssThis Joomla site showcases all the services Oakwood offers as well as giving a glimpse of the beautiful grounds. Like all the sites we design, Oakwood Cemetery is a content management system making it easy for the staff to update and keep fresh and relevant.

This site includes:

  • Information About Oakwood as well as a listing of their services
  • Social Media Toolbar including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the RSS Feed
  • Director's Blog
  • Database Directory of related services in central Texas
  • Database of Testimonials
  • Photo Gallery
  • Front Page Slideshow
  • Easy to use Contact form with Auto Response
  • Database of FAQs making it easy for clients to find answers to their important questions

Visit to view our newest website release.

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Now Everyone Can Have a YellowWebMonkey at the Monkey Marketplace

{EAV_BLOG_VER:e2c071aec6ff1811}PP_PersonalTrainerLots of people collect things. Some collect as an investment: coins, stamps, paintings. Some collect for their children: photos, books, letters. Others collect for fun. My personal "fun" collection is Starbucks coffee mugs, 25 at last count from spots like San Antonio, Beijing, Rhodes and Charlotte. Lots of collections are meant to be whimsical, fun....real conversation starters. Our new YellowWebMonkey collectibles make the perfect gift...for you or someone you know.


PP_CandidateEach of our new Package Websites has been created for a specific niche. We now have package sites created for everything from Car Dealerships to Day Spas, Restaurants to Churches, Political Candidates to Outdoor enthusiasts. Each package has it's very own specially designed YellowWebMonkey. We have taken the monkey out of the office and into the world. Since we know our monkeys are so darn cute, we are now offering them to you. Our YellowWebMonkey can now be found on everything from coffee mugs to mouse pads t-shirts to can coolers. Better yet, you can choose the monkey that best suits you. For will be coffee mugs. For you it could be waterbottles.


These uniquely designed products make great gifts. We offer t-shirts sized for kids and adults. We offer travel mugs, alumninum water bottles and can coolers, all sporting the monkey of your choice.


Check out the online store and start you collection today or introduce someone else to the YellowWebMonkey. Chances are we have a monkey to fit you business, hobby or interest. If not, check back often...we are creating new monkeys every week!

Learn more about our new Package Websites, designed for a variety of businesses and organizations. These sites make it easy and affordable to have a new website that is built to be search engine friendly, easy to update and affordable.
The easiest way to start your collection or to introduce someone to our YellowWebMonkey is to click on the shirt in the top right corner of our website,

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YellowWebMonkey and RedC Join Forces

redctelevisionYellowWebMonkey and RedC TV have joined forces to offer a wide range of website services in central Texas. This partnership will provide speedy customer support, convenient monthly website maintenance and access to a variety of new web marketing packages.

RedC, the first Web based TV network in Texas will take the lead, working directly with our clients on their project, while the actual design and coding of the website will still be done 100% by YellowWebMonkey.


How is this partnership going to work?

RedC TV is the exclusive dealer of YellowWebMonkey Package websites in Central Texas. Think of it in the same way that Sears is a vendor selling Magtag refrigerators. You get the same quality product with a proven track record; you just have the RedC staff there to help you choose which is best for your company and walk you through the process.

Why is YellowWebMonkey doing this partnership?
  • We have consistently referred clients back and forth and realized this makes a one-stop shop for marketing.
  • As YellowWebMonkey has grown, we realized we really need a dedicated account team to communicate with clients.
  • Many clients do not have the time to update their websites and that is not a service we have been providing. RedC has the personnel/expertise to help manage monthly updates.
  • Content Generation. We always say that new content is the best thing for your web presence. RedC has some great packages that can provide blog posts, custom videos, and much more.

Is YellowWebMonkey Going Away?

Not at all. We are actually growing leaps and bounds and over 50% of our current business is from out of state. Alexis will still teach classes locally, do webinars and workshops. We will still be busy here in central Texas, designing our custom YellowWebMonkey sites.
For more information on our YellowWebMonkey sites here in central Texas contact Chris Hoke

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Inn Connections LLC, Our Newest Custom Site is All About Keeping Innkeepers Connected

Inn Connections LLC, a company created by innkeepers for innkeepers has a new custom website designed by YellowWebMonkey. This site makes it easy for innkeepers to connect with information, vendors, resources and each other.

Like all of our sites, this Joomla site is easy to update and keep current. This site includes:icport2

  • Easy to update Joomla Content Management System
  • Social Media Toolbar including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Twitter feed
  • Blog
  • RSS Feed for valuable blogs on the hospitality industry
  • Database of Vendors including images and social media sharing
  • Log in for vendors to register and submit information
  • Database of Testimonials
  • Database of Tutorials and other educational materials
  • Database of industry associations
  • Social Network for innkeepers including events, profiles and unique groups
  • Inn Connections Newsletters
  • Several Custom Contact forms
  • Mobile Site perfect for all Smart phones
  • And much more....

Visit Inn Connections and see just one example of what YellowWebMonkey could create for your business or organization.

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Welcome Julie Diamond Ensembles of Charleston S.C. to our Website Portfolio

YellowWebMonkey has expanded to the south and added a little southern charm and hospitality to their portfolio with this new site designed with brides and event planners in mind.

jdeportJulie Diamond Ensembles offers premier professional wedding and event music in the "The Holy City". Charleston is one of the most popular spots for destination weddings in the U.S. and this new site makes it easy for busy wedding planners and brides to connect with Julie as they plan for their special day.

This custom designed website includes:

  • An extensive data base of music selections
  • Audio demos of their music displayed on the site
  • Photo gallery featuring the venues in the area
  • FAQs database
  • Slideshow showcasing the ensemble and local event space
  • Testimonials displayed in random rotation throughout the site
  • Custom Music Selection Sheet and Contact Form, making client contact fast and efficient
  • Social Media Toolbar including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Links section displaying suggested wedding resources

Finally, like all YellowWebMonkey sites, this Joomla CMS is easy for Julie to update, insuring that everything is fresh and relevant. Visit

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Breaking Through the Clutter with Brand & Design

HEADSHOTONLY2As a designer one has to take a step back and understand what the TRUE intention is in the work they create. The art of design is different than that of a fine artist, in that it’s true intention is to communicate with a focused group or target audience. If you fail to create this connection with your audience, the piece of design has failed its intrinsic purpose.

BIANCA FRANK DESIGN: BRAND from Bianca Frank on Vimeo.


In order to “break through the clutter” my designs communicate on a multi-level dimension. This multi-level approach draws from human behavior and the emotional connection and responses that one gains from communicating. Primary visual points such as text, copy, color, photography, and illustration engage a viewer. There is however an intangible aspect to design that is ultimately where the communication with your audience resides. A designer’s ability to merge these physical elements and connect them with the viewer on an emotional and mental plane is where breaking through the clutter occurs.

Unfortunately the environment is saturated with bad design. However, people unknowingly are drawn to good design. They don’t know why they will stop and interact on a website that has clear lines and negative space. They just know that the design is welcoming them in and asking for their attention. It’s within this simplicity that we see design working at it’s most fundamental state. As a trained and intuitive creative thinker, I understand these micro and macro elements of communication and this is where the differentiation of my design work steps out against the clutter.

The consumer is a powerful individual and drives the core of this countries economy. They are also highly intelligent and have evolved as marketing tactics have shifted and changed. They are savvy. Staying in-tune with the world and its events are part of the continuing evolution of my design career and process. I continue to feed my creative mind, not only with the inviting artistic world around me, but also the scientific world of human nature. If you want to communicate, you have to understand your audience. The better you know WHO your audience is, the better connection you will make in a visual way.

In today’s world if you want to communicate you HAVE to have a designer that understands the importance of these micro and macro elements. This designer will draw out the larger picture, engage and ultimately direct the viewer to act. I am that designer and I'm so grateful to work with individuals at YellowWebMonkey that understand and appreciate that working together for the goal of the consumer is our ultimate goal. Your customer is OUR customer and understanding their needs is as important to us within the design of your site as it is to you.

Please check out a short introduction video created in connection with Bianca Frank Design to give you a snapshot as to WHAT branding is and WHY it is so important to your business.

Bianca Frank Design Brand, Business & Design Video

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Harrell Group Real Estate Services Makes it Easy to Find Your New Home or Business in Central Texas

Welcome Harrell Group Real Estate Services, our newest website release. This site make it easy for you to find you new home or the perfect spot for your new business in central Texas.

harrellportnewHarrell Group Real Estate Services offers a wide variety of services from commercial and residential sales and leasing to dependable and reliable property management. Now they have a new website that covers all that Harrell offers and much more.

This site includes:

  • Joomla content management system making it easy for Harrell to update this site themselves
  • Extensive, easy to update/change database of residential and commercial properties for sale or lease including images
  • Search feature for commercial and residential properties
  • Ability to share a property through social media and email
  • Easy to find map of available property
  • Database of local resources, schools and recreational activities
  • Variety of FAQs sections covering rental info, owner info, consulting, appraisals and more
  • Printable list of available properties
  • Testimonial Database
  • A variety of Rental Application forms both online and printable .pdfs
  • Front page slideshow featuring local images
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Rate Our Service Form
  • Social Media Links including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and RSS feed
  • Blog
  • A variety of menus to feature every aspect of the Harrell business

Remember, all these features are easy for Harrell to update so their site is always current. No need to hunt for a web designer to update a property, load a new image or add new pricing.

Visit this new website and suggest to friends who are looking for residential or commercial properties for sale or rent in the central Texas area. Make the Harrell Group Real Estate Services site your first and last stop when you need to find a commercial or residential property to suit your needs.

Visit Harrell Group Real Estate Services

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How to Get More LIKE's and other Social Cred for your Link

Do you have a website or blog post that desperately needs more Facebook Likes, Twitter Retweets, Stumbles, etc? Here are a few helpful suggestions...

Let's start with some of the things you may already know...

Post on all the social platforms


If you are promoting your blog or website, you should have accounts on all of the above. Login in often and post your website url with a little new info. Always post links to your newest blogs as soon as it is published. These sites are at the center of the social media universe...take advantage of them.

Now let's be a little more creative...

Post in discussion boards/forums

  • Search for similar topics
  • Suggest the link ("Thanks for the tip! This is another article that helped me out....")

Join discussion boards or forums that are pertinent to your website and blog info. Search these boards to find out what others are saying and "suggest" your blog or website as additional information for them.

Question/Answer boards (similar to discussion board concept)

Do the same with these question/answer boards. Craft some of your blogs as informational and add those links as "answers" to questions posed on the boards.

Think "out of the box"...

Post on CraigsList

  • Either straight out ask that you are looking for Likes, etc
  • Post a funny title in personals, etc


Lots of people read Cragslist. Don't be afraid to post your site or blogs and just ask. Including a little humor may help.


Having a giveaway that randomly goes to someone that LIKES your page or retweets a post if very effective. If you have the ability, giving away an iPad is as good as gold. Services such as Wildfire and other contest apps can help with this.

QR Code Like buttons

People are quite curious about QR codes. Many people will "read" them just to see where they go. In this case, link to your site and your blog. It is even possible to generate a QR Code "LIKE" Button. When someone scans the code with their module phone, it automatically has them LIKE that link. Try it out below.


Finally, don't forget old fashioned groveling and hitting up friends and family. It's the same technique that gets you out of hot water with your significant other. Send them every blog post and just plain ask for the "like" or "retweet". When in doubt, offer to buy them coffee!

What other ideas do you have? Post in Comments below?

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Original Social Media Videos by YellowWebMonkey

Below are three videos made this week by the YellowWebMonkey team. Please share your favorite video on your Facebook or Twitter.

1. Be careful what you wish for...especially Online by Brett Wiggins



2. Online Shopping for Dummies by Scout Riggs



3. Conversation About Social Media by Alexis M. Marks



Newest Website Release: Insurance for Living

Chris Raup, a trusted, experienced insurance professional in the central Texas area has chosen a new LittleWebMonkey package to represent his business.

i4lportThis CMS (content management system) website makes changing images, editing articles and adding new information a snap. Like all of our sites, you can update information waiting for your web designer. They are also the best option to get your business online fast.

This 5 page Joomla site includes a variety of images and information, an easy to use Blog, as well as Social Media including Facebook and Twitter. With a LittleWebMonkey site it is easy to keep your customers informed. The Contact Page insures that new Customers can reach you immediately.

Visit Insurance for Living and follow their blog to learn more about planning for a secure future.

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8 Best things to optimize your business website

The 8 best ways you can optimize the productivity of your business website.


1. Write blogs

Writing blogs about topics in your business increases traffic tenfold. More traffic to your business's website means more potential customers. You may be asking yourself, "How does writing blogs increase my traffic?" Well, the answer is that when you write a blog, keywords and phrases in the blog will show up on results on search engines such as Google or Bing. This way people have a much greater chance of seeing your site in the search results and end up navigating straight to your site

2. RSS feed

Have an RSS feed tied in with your site. An RSS feed shows updates and new happenings within your business. When someone subscribes to your site's RSS feed, they will recieve the newest updates in a newletter-type document on their browser readers such as Google Reader. RSS feeds give your customers a more sincere and family-like quality when they visit your site.


3. Credit card/Paypal Capability

Many business websites sell items straight from the site itself. You've seen it before, Amazon, Ebay,, etc. To help gain pure profit, add a css form that allows customers to instantly buy items and service from your site with just a click of the mouse. The most common types of payment forms are credit cards, debit careds and paypal. But, you can also incorporate online checks and money orders.


4. Invest in professional web design service

When people visit your site, you don't want them to see an old, outdated piece of junk that looks like it was coded by a 15 year old. To have the most traffic, and eventually the most profit, you want a professionaly created website. There are a lot of companies out there who make very spiffy looking websites. But, there are some that aren't so great. Like someone just making a website for you in a dark basement, you might not really know what you'll get. It could be good quality, it could be bad quality. But, with a professional service you won't have to worry about that, and some companies (like YellowWebMonkey) allow you to add and edit things on your site yourself. That's something you couldn't easily do with your average freelance web designer.


5. Use a high quality logo

Most legitimate businesses have a logo. But to really make your logo effective on your website, there are a few rules to follow. First, make sure your logo is large and easily visible on the main page of your site. Next, use a logo with some color, so it stands out. Don't use a dull black and white or gray logo. Mix it up and make a vibrant logo that represents your company and people can come recognize.


6. Keep things updated

There are two aspects to no. 6. The first is that you want to keep all your events, important dates, etc. Updated and allow them to be easily viewed. Whether that be in an email newsletter, social media integration or even an RSS feed. The second aspect to is keep things updated as far as new technology and applications. When new programs and utilites come out for the internet that help your business site, add them! You'll want to stay ahead of the game so you can prevail over your competition.

7. Socail Media Integration

Let your customers know whats going on with your company by letting them follow you on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook,, Youtube, etc. When your followers see what's happening with your business they are more likely to have your name in their head. This is good becaue they can easily mention you to their friends and people they know, or even on the social media sites themselves. If you havn't yet integrated social media sites with your business website, do so now. You are missing out.




8. Choose the right types of advertising.

Last but not least is the knowledge of which types of advertising are right for your website. Steer clear of adding just any and every kind of ads on your site. This can hurt your site's credibility. If you do choose to have ads on your site, make sure they go along with your company or what you're trying to sell. Don't just have random ads or distracting blinking "Click Here!" banners. This makes your site look terrible and unprofessional. The types of ads you do want on your site are affiliates you would recommend to your customers, or use yourself. Usually this works both ways and your advertisments will be on sites that you advertise on your own website. Advertising is a great way to bring traffic to your website as long as you advertise the right things.



I hope this has helped some of the small business owners out there improve their website. If you have and questions or comments, feel free to leave them and I will anser them A.S.A.P.


-Brett W.


My Technology Applications class

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10 Free Twitter Tools for Your Small Business

There are literally thousands of services, clients, and add-ons for Twitter. Here are a few useful tools to get you started- And guess what? They’re all free!


TweetDeck is one of the top Twitter clients available today. This program makes it simple to organize and view your Twitter stream on your desktop, phone, or browser.

A tweet is worth 140 characters...but a picture is worth a thousand words. Attaching a photo to your tweets is an easy way add a little flair to your posts.


If you have a hard time keeping your tweets consistent you can always use a queue. Buffer allows you to compose and save your tweets then choose when you want them posted.

Nearby Tweets

Twitter is a great way to reach out to potential customers, and Nearby Tweets is a great way to find them. Use this site to search tweets in your area.


If you’re interested in increasing your company’s online buzz, try hosting an interactive event for your fans or costumers. Use TweetChat to give the participants a place to communicate.


Use this online Twitter directory to find businesses in a certain area and make it easier for customers to find your account.


Create coupons to offer to your followers. This will give users an incentive to follow your account and pay attention to what you say.

Twitter Counter

See how much you’re tweeting, who is following you, and who you’re following displayed in easy-to-read graphs. Using this tool will help you see your progress as a “tweeter.”


Poll your Twitter followers to get their opinions on your latest product, service, or idea. Getting feedback from customers has never been easier.


Quickly share articles or websites with your followers by installing this Chrome extension to your browser. AddThis works with Twitter as well as any other social media site.

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Google OCR Review

A free Google application that converts scanned documents to text in PDF form.


Functions & Aspects:

OCR stands for optical character recognition. Google OCR takes a piece of a scanned document, whether it be a resume or application, etc. And converts the image into an editable PDF document. Since this OCR is associated with google, every document converted is sent to your google docs to be easily shared. Google OCR can also recognize text in 34 languages.

File Formats of Google OCR:

Google OCR can use .jpg, .png, and .gif files to convert to .pdf files only. This makes GOCR useful in that those are some of the most common file types, but useless in the since that it is limited by these four file types only. If someone wanted to use .tif file, they would be out of luck.

Cost of Google OCR:

Google's optical character recognition is free as long as you are uploading the images using Google Docs.


Ease of use:

Google OCR is extremely easy to use for a few reasons. It can be used with any scanner or recognize pictures from mobile phones. So even if you see a piece of paper or a flyer your interested in on bulletin board, just snap a picture of it, and you can have it saved to your tablet or computer in minutes.

Another reason GOCR is so easy to use is the process uploading & converting itself. When you upload a document into Google Docs, you have to option of converting the image (a scanned document) into .pdf form. All you have to do is check a box and GOCR does the rest. So virtually no hassle is involved with Google OCR.

Where Google OCR lacks:

Google OCR is known for it's character recognition abilities, but it is not always so reliable when it comes to formatting. Text formats such as bold and italic text, font size, and line breaks do not always appear exactly as show in the original document. Also, elements such as bulleted and numbered lists, tables, text columns, and headers/footers will not show up at all. Google's explanation for this is that "detecting these elements is difficult" but I believe the real reason is that the technology is so new, that it hasn't progressed to that level yet.

Other products like Google OCR:

Some of Google OCR's competitors include Free-OCR, WebOCR, and OmniPage 18. Google's OCR and Free-OCR have absolutely no price, but some of the characters do not always convert correctly. WebOCR has been around for a very long time, at least 10 years. It has less issues with character recognition but has a yearly price after a free trial. OmniPage 18 is a high-end professional software that is supposedly flawless in it's character recognition and capabilities. However, OmniPage comes at a price of $150. So, If you are looking for free program to convert simple documents, use Google OCR or Free-OCR. But, if you need more professional looking documents and images, use OmniPage or WebOCR.

Why I would recommend Google OCR:

I would highly recommend Google OCR for any uploading and converting you need to do. These are a few reasons why I believe this is a useful product. First, Google OCR is a free program. No yearly fees, no one time fee and no recurring fees. Completely free for anyone to use. Second, is that you are able to upload and convert with digital cameras and mobile phones. This means that you can snap photographs on the run and review them later when you are not as busy. Finally, I love how Google ties it's OCR application into Google Docs. This makes it so much easier to email and share your documents. Let's say you convert a document and want to send it to all your employees, they don't have to learn how to use an OCR software, they just receive a .Pdf! It can save a lot of time.

All in all I think Google OCR is ground-breaking and should continue to improve the technology. This kind of tech paves the way for future software and programs.

Cited Sources & Important Notes:,,,,


Start using Google OCR here. Select "Upload" to use the application. You must have an account with Google.

Thank you for reading this blog; and feel free to leave comments or questions. Thanks.



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