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Custom Administrator Menus in Joomla

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Do you have a hard time finding things on your website?  Spending 20 minutes just to update a single item?  Joomla 3.7 offers the ability to add custom administrative menus so you can have quick links to the items you manage.  


An advantage of having an active maintenance plan is that YellowWebMonkey can set that up for you using your existing support time.  We can either add a few select quicklinks, or we can mirror your entire frontend main menu.  This way, you don’t have to know whether you modify something in an article, shopping cart, or module, you just click on the menu item and it takes you where you want to go.


If you want this new feature, click the button below to submit your request. We can give you a quick time estimate based upon the number of links you want setup.

Submit Ticket

View a full list of new features in Joomla 3.7.



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The NEW Joomla 3.7

Joomla 3.7 is here and it’s packed full of features to simplify your workflow. With over 700 new improvements and 40 new features you’ll want to upgrade your site to the latest version ASAP. While we can’t cover all 700 of them, here are the highlights for some of the features you will likely use the most  and will make your life a whole lot easier.


Custom Fields

One of the best new features is now there are 15 custom field types available for you to use for your Articles, Users and Forms.

To show the custom field types available for Articles, you first need to activate Show Article Options:

This will allow you access custom fields including:

  • Calendar: Pops up a calendar that allows the user to select a date
  • Checkboxes: Creates a single box that is checked or unchecked
  • Color: Provides a color picker
  • List: Creates a dropdown list of customized options to select from
  • Media: Allows users to upload images
  • Textarea: Allows entry of multiple lines of text


New Features for TinyMCE Editor

New Buttons have been added to the Tiny MCE editor. Now you can quickly and easily add menu links, contacts and newsfeeds to your articles: You can also customize the editor to change the options available for us based on specific groups of users.


New Article Features

You can now create a menu item, an article and a category - all in one step, without going back and forth between content, category and menu manager.

In addition articles can now also be sorted  by ratings and hits by clicking on the column headers in the Article manager.


Backend Menu Manager

Your administration menus can now be organized so that there are different menus available based on user groups.


Shared Session Logins

If you’re accustomed to having to login to the frontend and the backend of your site, you can kiss those days goodbye. Now with the shared sessions login option available in the global settings.


Multilingual Site Support

The Multilingual Associations Component now allows for the content language to be created automatically during the installation of a new language package, easily published with one click.

These are only some of the many great features in the new Joomla 3.7 release. So why wait? Don't delay, contact us today. 

Schedule my Joomla 3.7 upgrade

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YWM Offers Virtual Private Server Hosting for Joomla

VPS hosting for JoomlaLast month Joomla announced a critical security update that needed to be performed to prevent websites running on versions lower than 3.4.4 from being vulnerable to hacking. A researcher at Trustwave Spiderlabs discovered that Joomla versions 3.2-3.4.4 contain a bug that allows full administrative access to any Joomla site. This type of access would allow a hacker to delete pages, block users or even add malicious code into existing pages. And once hackers locate a vulnerability, they generally post it somewhere allowing other hackers to see and wreak their own havoc.


The vast majority of websites run on something that’s called shared hosting - meaning your website files are on a large computer called a “server” along with several hundred other websites. Many people choose shared hosting because economically it makes sense. It’s more cost effective to spread the resources of one computer among several hundred clients, resulting in lower fees to the consumer. However, the disadvantage to shared hosting is that all sites on a particular server are competing for space and bandwidth. In addition because the sites are all sharing resources, you are limited to the amount of customizations you can make to pre-installed apps, content management systems and even your site’s security.


YWM is now offering managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting for Joomla sites. With a Virtual Private Server, your site is hosted on YWM’s virtual machine which gives us complete control over the hosting environment. This gives us the freedom to take extra steps for security such as blocking ports, making file permissions stronger, assigning your site it’s own ip address and a host of other features to keep it running safe and secure without having to submit trouble tickets to a hosting company for changes.


And remember because your site is not competing for resources with hundreds of other sites, your pages will load significantly faster, which is a huge plus for you as Google has indicated that page speed is a factor in determining site rankings. VPS also significantly faster which helps page load speed. Speed is now a factor in Google search results as is indicated in an excerpt of an official blog post below:


For our maintenance clients, we’ll be offering a special rate of $25 per month with automated billing set up via credit card or ACH. For non-maintenance clients, you can move to our virtual private server for $42 per month.

Act today to take advantage of these great introductory rates for Managed VPS Hosting for Joomla sites.


Get Hosting Information

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Joomla Announces Critical New Security Update

The timing for signing up for a Maintenance Agreement couldn’t be more crucial as Joomla announced this week millions of Joomla websites are at risk of hacking from a critical Joomla bug. A researcher at Trustwave Spiderlabs discovered that Joomla versions 3.2-3.4.4 contain a bug that allows full administrative access to any Joomla site. This type of access would allow a hacker to delete pages, block users or even add malicious code into existing pages. With a Maintenance Agreement all Joomla core upgrades and security patches are automatically included in your monthly service  - without one you run the risk of being at the mercy of a hacker.

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Keep Your Site Safe and Secure With A Maintenance Agreement

Fall is finally here! Crisp breeze in the air, leaves crackling under our feet, comfy snuggly clothes and warm drinks in our hands. It’s that time of year when we start to go on autopilot as we prepare for all the merriment of the holidays ahead of us. So do you really want to deal with making sure your website runs smoothly while you’re busy trying to enjoy one of the most wonderful times of the year? Of course not! And that’s why you need a Maintenance Agreement.


A Maintenance Agreement is like insurance for your website - always protecting you behind the scenes in case you need it.  All of our plans include:


  • Backups of website, database tables and configuration files

  • Browser appearance check across desktop and mobile devices

  • Monthly security checks including monitored firewall, database and server modifications

  • Page speed optimization as rated by Google PageSpeed and Pingdom

  • Search engine friendly links

  • Sitemap submissions to Google

  • Joomla core upgrades

  • Monthly instructional webinars

  • Access to over 100 online tutorials

  • Access to over 20 video training sessions

  • A team on call if there are any problems on your website


Every month we complete our 50 point checklist to ensure your site is running optimally.  You receive a detailed  report at the end of the month letting you know what actions were taken and the current status of your site. This  gives you access to invaluable information such as Top Search phrases being used to find your site, Top Referral sites driving traffic to your pages and a host of other great SEO, maintenance and security information that you otherwise would not know.


For a limited time sign up for a 3 month maintenance agreement and receive a free upgrade to Joomla 3.4.5.  An $800 value, this upgrade includes new enhanced features such as  more secure file uploads with UploadShield which can detect malicious files by examining their names and contents, front-end module editing, Google new reCAPTCHA for better spam protection, a collapsible sidebar for a cleaner more responsive admin area and several other development features. In addition it contains the necessary security patches released this week to protect your site from the security bug that was just discovered. Don’t forget if your site is still running on Joomla 2.5, it has reached the end of it’s lifecycle which means security updates and bug fixes are no longer available. The time to upgrade is NOW!


With different plans for every budget take advantage of this great offer today and get the security of a maintenance agreement AND an upgrade all rolled in one.


* free upgrade from Joomla 2.x to Joomla 3.x.  Flat fee for upgrade from Joomla 1.5.


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Can you handle upgrading your site with the newest Joomla update?

If you have ever questioned if you can handle updating your Joomla version here is YellowWebMonkey's advice to you.

Should you ever decide do update anything ALWAYS...ALWAYS....ALWAYS run a backup FIRST.  This ensures that if something goes wrong you have something to use to restore your site.

There is a method to Joomla's release numbers

Whole number changes

  • i.e. 2.0 to 3.0
  • These are MAJOR so unless you are a developer is it worth your money to hire one.

Tenth changes

  • i.e 3.2.0 to 3.3.0
  • These are typically released to fix bugs in the system
  • If you have professional extensions (ie established extensions that have been around for years like Akeeba Backup, RSForms, Kunena, JCE Editor), you should be fine updating Joomla on your own. 
  • If you freebie extensions, you should be wary of upgrading Joomla yourself.  If you do, go to Manage Extensions and disable those extensions before upgrading.  Once upgraded, turn them back on one by one, so if there is a problem, you know which is causing the problem. 

Other changes

  • 2.5.0 to 2.5.1
  • These updates typically fix typos and other minor changes.  
  • These are the safest for the general user to update.


If you have any concerns always consult with a professionial developer before updating.  We offer same day estimates and have years of experience with Joomla as we choose to only work with Joomla sites to become experts.



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Websites Backup Files (Akeeba Backup)

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the Akeeba backup file we send to our clients.


Why are backups important?

They can be used to restore your site if your hosting goes down, domain expires, or you accidentally break your website.  It is also a copy of all the work that you paid YellowWebMonkey to do

What is Akeeba?

Akeeba Backup creates a site backup that can be restored on almost any hosting. It creates a full backup of your site in a single archive. The archive contains all the files, a database snapshot and an installer similar in function to the standard Joomla! installer.

How often do we backup?

Our maintenance clients have weekly or monthly backups run of thier site depending on the plan.

What is JPA?

JPA is a file format that zips every file and the site database into one file.

Why don't we just upload all the files?

Manually downloading all the files is not an effective use of time or disk space.  Typically, sites have around 4000 files and that would require a massive amount of space on a compluter or cloud storage platform.

What do I do with file?

Simply download and keep in a safe place ensuring you can retrieve it if you are ever asked for it.

How do I restore my site from and Akeeba backup file?

The easiest way is to hire a web designer like YellowWebMonkey because a simple process for an experienced designer/programmer. If you are tech savvy you can use this tool:}

 Common Questions

My backup is in parts?

Depending on how big your site is Akeeba may break the backup into parts to prevent any timeouts while running the backup.  If this happens you must upload all parts: .jpa, .j01, .j02, etc.

akeeba parts



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Ho! Ho! Ho! Give Your Business The Gift of Maintenance!

presentsHappy Holidays! We’re pretty excited to announce the release of two new maintenance plans to help you manage your site. Currently we offer Starter, Standard, and Premium Plans. Each one offers varying levels of support and various features on a per plan basis such as a 50 point checklist, priority support, content updates, access to tutorials, monthly webinars and much more. In addition to these we are now offering our new plans Budget and Content. “We decided to offer the new plans because we found there were two groups of customers we needed to be able to serve, those that needed a smaller plan that gave them all of the core maintenance features, and a plan that included some content creation for those who needed help with other tasks such as blog writing, content writing, social media updates and more.” says Alexis Priddy, Senior Developer at “With these 2 new plans, we now have something for everyone.”

Our new Budget Plan offers our core maintenance support features for $75 a month:

  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Website backups
  • Website Firewall
  • Malware Scans
  • Joomla Core Extension upgrades with 24hrs of release
  • Monthly Extension Upgrades
  • Premium Admin Tools
  • Training Webinars
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools


Our new Content Plan, includes the same features and pricing of $175 per month as our Standard Support Plan, however with the Content Plan you have the option to apply your 2 hours worth of support towards things other than support. “Not everyone needs 2 hours worth of support each month on fixing issues or training, but nearly everyone needs help with keywords, blog content/ideas, content edits, posting to social media...many of these are daily tasks that small business owners don’t have the staff to attend to on a daily basis, and this is where this plan fits in perfectly,” says Alexis. With our new Support& Content Plan you’ll be able to have the wealth of your site needs met, all for one low price. And if you think of something that you're not sure qualifies as part of Support & Content, just let us know and we'll see if it's something that's covered by your plan.

Don't delay! Sign up today and take 25% off your first month of maintenance!

Ready to sign up or upgrade your plan? Click here to get started!


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Introducing Pay Now! The Quick And Convenient Way To Pay Your Invoices


Great news,we’ve made it easier for you to pay your invoices! Introducing Pay Now! Conveniently located on your electronic invoice, the Pay Now link enables you to quickly and conveniently settle your monthly charges without having to pick up the phone to make a credit card payment or waste postage mailing in a check.



You’ll receive an electronic invoice that looks like this:





Simply click on View Invoice Now, which takes you to a screen to review your monthly charges and allows you to pay the invoice:




All transactions are completely secure and processed through the Intuit Merchant Services. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us at



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Check Out Our All New Maintenance Report!


You’ve heard us talk about all the benefits of being on a maintenance plan - 50 point checklist, priority support, content updates, access to tutorials. monthly webinars and so much more. We’ve recently redesigned the report to make it more user friendly and easier to find the sections you want to know about. Even if you’re not submitting ticket requests each month, this report is full of useful information on the status of your site and all of the little things we do in the background to keep you site running smooth. So here’s your go to guide on what you can expect in your next report and if you don’t have a maintenance contract here’s a sneak peek of what you’re missing out on.





# Tickets

Total Time

# Visitors

Forms Submitted



The summary gives you a quick overall look of your site for the month - Number of trouble tickets you submitted, the total minutes of your allotted content updates that were used, the number of visitors to your site that month, how many form submissions you had that month and the number of upgrades we performed.






Any special YellowWebMonkey happenings such as trainings, monthly specials or server upgrades/maintenance will be listed in this section.




This section gives you all of the details regarding any trouble tickets you submitted for the month - date submitted, issue that was solved, date completed and the amount of time used for each ticket. You’ll be able to see exactly what was fixed each month and the time used.







Work Time



Social Share for Coupon





Payment Update





Responsive/Mobile Improvements for MijoShop





BBB Link/ Shipping Issues





SEO Friendly URLs





April Maintenance Overages





Maintenance Plan Rate Changes





About Page



NOTES: You used 110 minutes of your 120 minutes of updates this month.*





Weekly Backups

Uploaded to DropBox

Uptime Monitored

Sitemap Regenerated

Re-submitted to Google


The maintenance section shows the monthly “housekeeping” items that have been completed. Each week, we create a backup of your site and upload it to Dropbox so there is always a recent copy of your site available should some unforeseen emergency occur and your site needs to be restored quickly. We monitor your uptime daily so if there’s a problem and your site goes down we will know immediately and be able to restore it. Whenever you add new content/pages to a site in order to have them show up in search engine results, the search engine needs to know they exist. They do this by either sending out “spiders’ to crawl through the web looking for new pages, or by receiving a map of the content on your site to update their index. We take care of this for your each month, submitting the update map to them ensuring they have the most recent list of content .





Malware Scan

Hacker Attempts

SPAM Email Forms

Hackers Added to Blacklist


Security is always important in maintaining your website and each month we perform a number of checks to keep your site from falling prey to any attacks. We run a monthly Sucuri Malware Scan to make sure there is no malware (malicious software) threatening your site and we verify via Google Webmasters that your site is clean. We also scan for any hacker attempts and add them to your Hacker Blacklist as well as any spam email forms.







Top Search Phrases

Top Referral Sites

Page Speed

Broken Links

This is some of the most useful information contained in your report because it tells you how people are finding your site. Top Search Phrases shows the phrases that are actually being entered into a search engine to find your site, this is great information that can help you optimize your pages with search terms that are relevant to what people are actually using. Top Referral Sites lists the sites that are actually driving traffic to your website. Page Speed shows the average time it takes for your pages to load and gives you a score for Mobile and Desktop while Broken Links ensures all links on your site actually go somewhere.





# Orders

Total Sales


If you have an E-commerce site, you’ll have one additional section on your report which details the total number orders and sales for the month.


As you can see our Monthly Maintenance Reports give you a detailed overview of your website each month. Don’t miss out on all of this useful information as it can help you know how well your site is doing and create a marketing plan to capitalize on it’s strengths, improve sales and drive more traffic to your site. Don’t already have a Maintenance Plan? Sign up today so you can reap all of the benefits of knowing your site is under the watchful eye of YellowWebMonkey Web Design!


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Check Out Our New LIVE Support!

If you’re looking to have some work done on a website, we know that you will have questions - and you should. Hiring someone to work on your website is a big deal and we want to make the process as easy as possible for you to have all of your questions answered. So now we’ve made it easier for you to get those answers. No need to call us (we know these days no one really likes to pick up a phone), and email somehow seems a little “slow” with the whole advent of texting, so now we have someone standing by live on our website that you can ask questions of and get immediate answers.


We’ve added a “Live Support” Feature down in the right hand corner of our site where you can type your questions and get live answers from a real person. How cool is that?! We’ve added it to every page so no matter where you are on the site you’ll be able to get an answer. We are a US owned company and we don’t subcontract any of our work  including our live support feature. You’ll get answers from an actual live person who would be working on your site, so feel free to ask us anything - we don’t expect you to be an expert that’s our job.


When we’re online and available for questions this is what you will see:
live chat

So feel free to type away and ask all of the questions you need. If we don’t have a live agent available at that very moment you can still send us questions. You’ll see this instead:

live chat offline

Feel free to send your questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Remember there are no stupid questions, so ask away and we’ll help you in any way we can.

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How To Avoid Having Your Joomla Website Hacked

Imagine you wake up one morning, sit down in front of your computer with a steaming hot cup of coffee ready to take on the world and add some new content to your Joomla website when lo and behold you realize you site has been hacked. Your site is riddled with spam, you can’t login and you’re in panic mode.


“People always think, it can’t happen to them. They think hackers only go after big huge companies they are trying to infect with some doomsday virus and trying to take down the world like you see on TV and movies, but hackers get their start hacking on small websites that are more unobtrusive,” says Nicole of YellowWebMonkey Web Design. “We have received our fair share of middle of the night calls from business owners and employees in crisis mode who need their sites fixed ASAP due to being hacked. It’s a shame because there are ways to prevent this from happening.”


A Joomla site can be hacked through several different ways, outdated or vulnerable Joomla extensions and themes, weak passwords, incorrect web server configurations, outdated server software, being on a server where another site was hacked...the list goes on and on. “Outdated extensions and Joomla versions are by far one of the easiest ways to hack into a Joomla site,” according to Alexis, Sr Web Developer at YellowWebMonkey Web Design. “Developers are constantly releasing upgraded extensions that are a huge part of the framework of what runs a Joomla website. The Joomla Project maintains a list of vulnerable extensions, but as a business owner or an employee who has been assigned to maintain a website do you really want to have the added responsibility of going through their list on a regular basis to verify your extensions are ok? That’s something that should be left to the experts, like us.”


Fixing a hacked Joomla site is a serious undertaking that should be left up to a Joomla professional, to ensure all security vulnerabilities have been addressed. This could include everything from upgrading extensions and changing server permissions to having your site re-indexed by search engines, removing unnecessary databases, upgrading or migrating your site to the latest version of Joomla and so many more things that should only be handled by someone that knows what they are doing.


But what’s the easiest way to prevent getting hacked in the first place? Get a maintenance contract. “People have a misconception that once you set up a website it just sort of runs itself...but that is incorrect, “ says Nicole. “You have to think of a website the same way you think of your car. Cars need oil changes every 5000 miles, you have to have your tires rotated, your fluids need to be checked every so often and you have to carry insurance on them in case of accidents or mechanical breakdowns - a website is no different. Think of having a maintenance contract as insurance for your website - you don’t want to be caught without one.”


All  of our plans include preventative maintenance, security checks, backups, training, extension upgrades, Joomla core upgrades and a team on call if there are any problems on your website. In addition, every month we complete our 50 point checklist to ensure your site is running optimally for security, speed, and SEO.  You get a report at the end of the month letting you know what actions were taken and the current status of your site. With varying plans to fit every budget and the option to cancel anytime, you can’t go wrong.


But if you’re still not convinced you need maintenance plan, we also offer one time Oil Changes where we upgrade your extensions and upgrade you to the latest version of Joomla AND complete our 50 point checklist - so it gives you a taste of what regular maintenance is like. In addition in the event you have a hacked Joomla site we also offer an a la carte Fix My Hacked Joomla Site service


So be proactive rather than reactive - check out the various plans we have available today and let us handle your website while you handle your business.


Written by Nicole Hill, Posted in Marketing


Why You Need A Maintenance Plan


Joomla Webmaster ServicesThe beginning of a new year is always a great time for “getting your house in order”.  We normally start looking at things in our personal lives like saving money for the future, our insurance coverages, home repairs to guard against winter weather and a host of other things we have on that first of the year checklist we promise ourselves we are going to check off to get the year started right. It pays to be prepared for life’s unexpected emergencies and this couldn’t be truer than when it comes to your website.


Imagine it’s a Friday night and you’re preparing to launch a huge promotion on your website for the weekend. You’ve spent all week getting together the changes you want to do, you log into your site and start making the changes and the unthinkable happens…power goes out, site crashes, and you don’t have a backup to restore it. What do you do? Scenarios like this happen all the time and in the event next time it’s you it happens to, you want to be prepared.


Our Maintenance Plans offer a full spectrum of monthly “tune-up” services included in our 50 point checklist to ensure your site is running optimally for security, speed, and SEO.  You get a report at the end of the month letting you know what actions were taken and the current status of your site. Maintenance Plans also come with built in support and guaranteed response times based on the level of support you choose.


“I can't thank Alexis enough who helped me in my time of need...” said Joey Tiritilli of “  I hope that I never need you guys again... However, you are the best as far as I am concerned... Thanks so much!


Joomla Help DeskOur helpdesk system instantly alerts the members of our support team of whatever issues you are having with your site so we can respond as quickly as possible to rectify the situation. Even better all clients on a Maintenance Plan receive Priority Support, which means their trouble tickets are moved to the front of the queue to receive the quickest resolution possible. “You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you have an emergency that arises and you drop in a support request that’s in the backlog of other requests” says Nicole, a member of the YellowWebMonkey team. “Or even worse, you don’t want to have your site hacked, you need to have it fixed quickly, you’re not on a maintenance plan so you turn to CraigslIst or other job posting sites to find a developer that can do a quick fix for you. These things can end up having disastrous consequences to your website and now you’re faced with having to pay us to fix the initial problem and the damage that was done by another developer. That’s like buying car insurance AFTER you’ve already had an accident!”


Our Maintenance Plans include a full spectrum of services - Joomla system upgrades, extension updates, content updates, access to tutorials, group webinars and one-on-one training are all included in each maintenance package. Even if you’re a seasoned do-it-yourselfer it never hurts to have that extra support in your back pocket in case you even need it. 


“As an estate planning attorney, I can’t help laughing or at least shaking my head when I see stories from colleagues, or witness personally, the problems that arise when folks try to do their own estate planning with LegalZoom and such. But I came to realize I’d been doing the same when it comes to building and maintaining my website!” said Dave Duringer of Law News TV. “Last year I started using Joomla. There was a lot to learn, but I liked the ability to design the site myself. But without any professional assistance, I kept running into problems I could not fix, largely it turns out because I did not upgrade to the latest version—even though I thought I did! I contacted YellowWebMonkey to join their monthly maintenance plan. I was really impressed with the introductory service they provided me, gave the plan a try, and found it’s a super deal given the value they deliver. Now I’m a loyal client of theirs, and I can still manage and design the site myself – but more effectively with their expertise and support.”


So make sure this year you’re covered when it comes to support for your website. Our Maintenance Packages offer you the insurance and assurance you need that in the time of crises someone has your back.

And to sweeten the deal for the rest of October we’re offering a great Fall special…sign up for a 3 month maintenance contract by October 31st and save 15%!


Written by Nicole Hill, Posted in YellowWebMonkey Happenings


New Tutorial Section at YellowWebMonkey

Over the holidays, we made many improvements to our online tutorial section.  You can check it out at  

There is nothing more frustrating that having a new, shiny website and having no idea how to use it.  That is why we consolidated all the tutorials in one place and have tried to make it more user friendly.  We still offer twice a month webinars to all past YellowWebMonkey clients that you can sign up at

Joomla Tutorials


Here are some of the new features of the tutorial section:


Tutorial Category Navigation: 

The categories for the tutorials are on the left and that menu is constant throughout the knowledge base.  Categories that are part of core Joomla are on the top and tutorials for 3rd party extensions are listed below.


Quick Search: 

Most likely you are looking for help for a specific problem.  Now the search block is prominent at the top.  It uses the core Joomla "Smart Search" to auto suggest topics.


List Modules: 

The "Featured Tutorials" shows specific tutorials our staff thinks are important.  "Popular Tutorials" shows the topics with the most page views and "Most Recent" shows the newest by date.


Request Tutorial Button: 

We know there are many tutorials still needed.  In the bottom left is a button to easily request a new tutorial.


Get Help Button: 

You may just decide that you would prefer for us to take care of your issue.  The button in the bottom right allows you to submit a support ticket directly to us.  If you are on a current maintenance planmaintenance plan, we will take care of the issue immediately.  If not, we can send you more information about our plans or let you know what our estimated turnaround time is.


Joomla Version Coding: 

j2.5-3Next to the title of each tutorial, we have an icon indicating which version of Joomla the tutorial applies to.  We are currently generating many new tutorials for Joomla 3.2 which is the newest version (and the one that all maintenance clients are on).



What else would you like to see in our tutorial section?  Leave comments to let us know how we can help you even better!


Written by Alexis Priddy, Posted in YellowWebMonkey Happenings


Check Out The All New YellowWebMonkey Web Design Site!


So check out the all new YellowWebMonkey website! We have had this thing under wraps for months, and while we still have a couple of tweaks to do here and there, we are sure you will love the new site just as much as we do! Take a look at all of the great features we have added to our new home page:


YWM new ss2


1) Easy Access to all of our main services, Website Packages, Monthly Maintenance, eCommerce, Emergency Jobs and Joomla Upgrades are all accessible from the main page. We wanted to make sure that you didn’t have to click through a bunch of links or menus in order to get to the heart of what we do.


2) One of our most visited sections is Tutorials. From Email and Hosting, Joomla Websites, Social Media and Ecommerce, you can now easily access our library of over 100 tutorials to help you learn the ins and outs of how to use and market your website.


3) Need to reach us? You don’t have to hunt for our contact information, it’s all right here on our home page.


4) Need support? Right here from the home page you can reach our live support agents and open up a trouble ticket.


5) We have really had the chance to work with a lot of cool companies and we’re proud to show them off here.


6) There is always something new going on when it comes to the web and we keep you in the loop by putting a link to our latest and greatest tutorials right here on the home page.

The rest of the site is full of the same easy to find features as the home page. We hope you'll browse through and check out the new re-vamped YellowWebMonkey Design website. We hope you like it as much as we do and that we’ve made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.



Written by Nicole Hill, Posted in New Website Releases

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certified web designer

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