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The recently released Joomla 3.9 update includes a privacy tool suite to help websites handle laws and regulations such as GDPR.

The Privacy Dashboard

The privacy dashboard can be found under the “Users” tab on the control panel.

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This dashboard consists of two parts: the Request Count and the Status Check.

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The Request Count

The Request Count is a summary of all the information requests made to your website.  You can also see a summary of the information requests in the Privacy Dashboard Module.  To set up the module, please visit this link: Setup Admin Privacy Dashboard in Joomla 3.9.

The Status Check

The Status Check section of the dashboard checks 4 steps necessary to implement and monitor your privacy policy and related information requests.

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  1. Is a privacy policy published?  This will check if a privacy policy is published on your website.  When you set up a policy in the System – Privacy Consent Plugin, this check will be green. See how to set up and enable this plugin here: Use the Joomla 3.9 Privacy Consent Plugin
    Developers: integrate support for this check through the onPrivacyCheckPrivacyPolicyPublished  event.

  2. Does the information request form have a published menu item?  This will check if the information request form has a published menu item on the frontend.  Whether or not the menu item is published, a valid URL for the form will be provided here.
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  3. Are there any urgent requests?  This will check if there are any information requests that are older than 14 days (or the age you set in the parameters).
  4. Is mail sending enabled?  This will check if your site is able to send email.  In order for your site to be able to create and process information requests, it must be able to send email.

From the dashboard, you can also access Information Requests and Extension Capabilities in the side menu.

Information Requests

This section is where you can manage user information requests.

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Extension Capabilities

This section contains information you can use to determine which extensions you need for your site.  This section can also help you prepare any necessary privacy documents.

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