Using Instagram Reels and Stories for Social Media Marketing

Instagram stories and reels for marketing

All businesses can benefit from a strong social media marketing plan as part of a broader digital marketing strategy.

Social media gives you the opportunity to communicate with all your customers at once in a casual way that doesn’t come off too sales-driven. Plus, you can use a number of different forms of media to convey your message.

Since people like to scroll through social media as a form of quick entertainment while on the train or in between meetings, you can post entertaining pictures and videos to grab customer attention and instill your brand into their minds.

There are numerous social media platforms out there to choose from, including Instagram.

Instagram Reels and Stories

Instagram Stories allow you to post up to 15 seconds of content for followers to view. Stories remain available for 24 hours before they disappear. Your friends can’t share your stories, and they can only engage via private message. Stories allow you to write a caption, but you can’t save drafts.

Instagram Reels post to your page publicly, making them accessible to people who aren’t your friends. People can also share your reels. Reels also don’t disappear after 24 hours. While you can’t write a caption on a reel, you can record up to 30 seconds and save drafts for later. Viewers can comment on the reel publicly.

Reels work best for obtaining new followers while stories work best for keeping current followers up to date.

Tips For Using Instagram Reels and Stories

1. Remain Consistent

If you want to keep your Instagram followers interested, you will need to post consistently. If you disappear for an extended period of time, people may forget about you or assume you no longer manage the account.

Not only should you remain consistent in how much you post, but you should also remain consistent when it comes to tone and voice to ensure that it fits your brand personality as much as possible.

2. Post on Other Platforms, Too

Instagram is a great social media platform. However, you should utilize as many platforms as possible. Post your stories and reels on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, too. You can use tools to help you post on all of your accounts quickly and easily.

3. Make Content With Value

It’s important for your customer to feel as though they gained something from your content. Thankfully, making an engaging post isn’t difficult. You can create content for entertainment value, educational value, or monetary value in the form of a coupon.

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