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Imagine buying something and the ripple of that single purchase being so great that it can help improve lives and communities. You don’t have to imagine it. Buying from a Veteran Owned Business can transform your purchase from a simple exchange of goods and services to an investment that helps local heroes and communities thrive!  

Buying from a Veteran Owned Business or, VOB is like buying from a vendor at your favorite concert, except – it is so much more! The best part is you don’t have to wait for a particular time of year or a local music venue to buy from a VOB. Many are available online and can ship directly to you.

Social Impact

Considering the leadership and management skills military veterans and their families develop, it’s clear why many choose a career path as entrepreneurs and small business owners. Small businesses make up 99.9% of businesses in the US economy. Like military members, small businesses adapt well to unpredictable markets and situations.  

When you buy from a VOB, you do more than make a purchase. VOB support helps veterans and veteran families with their transition into civilian life. You are helping hometown heroes.

The mental toughness and managerial skills learned in the military translate successfully into the realm of entrepreneurship and living a purpose-filled life. 

Military veterans and their families are pros when it comes to adapting and finding creative solutions. As innovative business owners, they are always willing to evolve with changing trends and market needs. This creates opportunities for you to find that special art piece from that veteran spouse artist or buy greens from that veteran farmer and have a real social impact.

Strengthening Veteran Families

Many veteran-owned small businesses are staffed by veteran family members working together to be the best in their industry. These families have endured many obstacles that are unique to military status and experience. The heightened family cohesiveness helps these businesses remain vital to meet consumer needs and earn your patronage.

Community Building

Veteran and military-spouse-owned businesses help create jobs in local areas. Promoting teamwork and working for a common goal larger than self align with the veteran and military ethos. This ethos injects prosperity and increased value into the fabric of the community. 

Supporting Veteran Owned Businesses is more than a mere purchase. It is a chance to let the defenders of our freedom know that we see and appreciate them. Buying from a VOB can make an immeasurable difference in someone’s life.

Find a VOB

Ready to shop? Looking for a VOB? You can find veteran businesses with a quick online search or the Support Veteran Business website. 

Are you a veteran or military spouse with an interest in business? The Small Business Administration (SBA) has information that can help. The SBA has tools for you to learn more about how to start a business or grow your current business. Whether you are interested in finding financial resources or learning if entrepreneurship is for you, the SBA is the right place to start.

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