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{EAV_BLOG_VER:e2c071aec6ff1811}PP_PersonalTrainerLots of people collect things. Some collect as an investment: coins, stamps, paintings. Some collect for their children: photos, books, letters. Others collect for fun. My personal “fun” collection is Starbucks coffee mugs, 25 at last count from spots like San Antonio, Beijing, Rhodes and Charlotte. Lots of collections are meant to be whimsical, fun….real conversation starters. Our new YellowWebMonkey collectibles make the perfect gift…for you or someone you know.


PP_CandidateEach of our new Package Websites has been created for a specific niche. We now have package sites created for everything from Car Dealerships to Day Spas, Restaurants to Churches, Political Candidates to Outdoor enthusiasts. Each package has it’s very own specially designed YellowWebMonkey. We have taken the monkey out of the office and into the world. Since we know our monkeys are so darn cute, we are now offering them to you. Our YellowWebMonkey can now be found on everything from coffee mugs to mouse pads t-shirts to can coolers. Better yet, you can choose the monkey that best suits you. For me….it will be coffee mugs. For you it could be waterbottles.

These uniquely designed products make great gifts. We offer t-shirts sized for kids and adults. We offer travel mugs, alumninum water bottles and can coolers, all sporting the monkey of your choice.


Check out the online store and start you collection today or introduce someone else to the YellowWebMonkey. Chances are we have a monkey to fit you business, hobby or interest. If not, check back often…we are creating new monkeys every week!

Learn more about our new Package Websites, designed for a variety of businesses and organizations. These sites make it easy and affordable to have a new website that is built to be search engine friendly, easy to update and affordable.
The easiest way to start your collection or to introduce someone to our YellowWebMonkey is to click on the shirt in the top right corner of our website,

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