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Add a Facebook LIKE button to site

  • First, under the extensions tab select module manager.


  • When in the Module manager, select New on the top right.


  • When in the next menu, scroll until you find “Custom HTML,” check it and select it.


  • Next, go to,
  • Under step one insert your Facebook pages URL (the address at the top bar on your browser)
  • Uncheck the “Send Button (XFBML Only)” box. We will not use XFBML for this.
  • Customize the other options at your leisure.
  • When finished press “Get Code”


  • After pressing Get Code, a menu shall pop up.
  • In this menu make sure to click the “IFRAME” tab.
  • Once you click this make sure to highlight and copy the entire code.


  • Now go back to your Module tab.
  • In the red box in the picture below you can select the positioning of your new Like button.
  • In the green box you can customize what pages the link will show on. For this example we have chosen the websites home page.
  • In the yellow box you want to paste the “IFRAME” link you copied from the facebook site.
  • Once finished, click the save button and publish.


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