10 Helpful Resources for Learning Joomla!


1. YellowWebMonkey

You probably already know that YellowWebMonkey provides services for helping you build and maintain your Joomla! website, but did you know we offer lots of free training resources as well? In addition to our business blog, we also have a developer blog and regularly post new tutorials on a variety of topics.

Here are a few of our most popular tutorials:

If you’re looking for a tutorial on a specific subject that we haven’t covered yet, contact us to request a new tutorial!

Additionally, we offer free Joomla! training webinars twice a month to all current and past clients.

2. Absolute Beginners Guide to Joomla!

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Joomla! is perfect for someone who is just getting started. It will guide you through Joomla! installation, planning your website, learning Joomla! terminology, getting help and support through Joomla forums, and keeping your Joomla! site secure.

3. Joomla! Installation Guide

This helpful guide leads you through the process of installing Joomla! for the first time. Subjects include hosting requirements, preparing for installation, database configuration, finalizing installation, configuration check, and installing extra languages.

4. Joomla! Video Courses

Five comprehensive video courses to help everyone, from basic users just getting started to more advanced users interested in learning to create multilingual sites or improving SEO on their site.

  • How to Improve SEO on Joomla 3 Sites  —  Covers topics like Joomla! URLs, aliases, metadata and Google Analytics. Also includes extensions that will help you optimize your Joomla! sites.

5. Joomla! Forum

The Joomla! forum is a great learning resource both for those users just getting started with Joomla! and more advanced users as well. Joomla! has a robust community and chances are that someone has experienced the same issue you are having. Search the forum to find information on a particular subject or post a new question to seek help from other users.

6. Stack Exchange Joomla! Board

Another helpful board for researching your Joomla!-related questions is the Stack Exchange Joomla! Board. You can easily search for certain keywords or tags related to your query or ask a new question.

7. Joomla! Tutorials for Beginners

This Joomla! portal lists tutorials that are aimed to assist beginners. It includes information on how to use templates, categories, articles, menus, modules, and content tags. It even has a section devoted to WordPress users who would like to learn Joomla!

8. JoomlaBeginner.com

JoomlaBeginner.com offers straightforward Joomla! tutorials for beginners with step by step instructions and screenshots. You can also sign up for their newsletter to get fresh content delivered to you twice a month.

9. CloudAccess.net Joomla! Knowledgebase

CloudAccess.net has a Joomla! knowledgebase with a wealth of tutorial videos with subjects ranging from Getting Started to Components to Language Management. You can easily search their knowledgebase for the specific subject you’re interested in learning more about.

10. OSTraining

OSTraining is a paid site that offers access to 1000s of books and videos on a variety of subjects including Joomla!, WordPress, and Drupal. They offer several subscription options including a monthly video club for $25/month. They also have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Bonus: JoomlaDay Events

JoomlaDays are not-for-profit Joomla!-focused events held around the world. They are a great way to meet the people behind the Joomla! project, learn from experts, and network with other Joomla! users. These events generally include keynotes, training, sessions, workshops, labs, and certification events. Check out upcoming JoomlaDays.

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