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YellowWebMonkey Web Design is a Woman Forward 2020 Gold Winner!  Our founder, Alexis Priddy, is being honored for Outstanding Workplace at the Bpeace annual Women Forward Awards Celebration in June.  Bpeace is an award-winning nonprofit that provides impactful business advice to companies in conflict-affected communities where women are underemployed. Their mission to is create more jobs and  decrease violence. YellowWebMonkey breaks the traditional mold of 9-5 hours. Our team members are mothers and mostly military veterans that span from coast to coast in the United States with office hours that are completely remote.  With an industrious group of self sufficient women training and helping each other virtually, YellowWebMonkey has been able to empower women to work in the tech industry without having to choose between work and family by offering flexible scheduling.  


The honor of Outstanding Workplace comes by offering a supportive and accommodating work environment to its employees. YellowWebMonkey has been working remotely for 11 years.  With current workplace shifts due to Stay at Home orders because of COVID-19, the team recently hosted a remote live webinar offering advice and guidance to many women who now find themselves working from home.


New team member Kiy Morgan says she loves “being able to work with my 14 month old nearby as my 14 year old studies online, while still having support from my colleagues across the country.” The YellowWebMonkey team strives to mentor each other and share tips and ideas on how to maintain focus and tackle tasks while working remotely.


The 2020 Women Forward awards celebration takes place virtually this year on June 4th.  2020 winners will also be published in the updated Mentoring Women Forward Playbook that discuss how individuals and companies are empowering and opening doors to girls and women around the world. All are welcome to join the Bpeace sponsored event. It will be a day of joy and inspiration, celebrating those that push the ordinary into extraordinary ways to mentor women forward. 

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