YellowWebMonkey and RedC Join Forces


redctelevisionYellowWebMonkey and RedC TV have joined forces to offer a wide range of website services in central Texas. This partnership will provide speedy customer support, convenient monthly website maintenance and access to a variety of new web marketing packages.

RedC, the first Web based TV network in Texas will take the lead, working directly with our clients on their project, while the actual design and coding of the website will still be done 100% by YellowWebMonkey.


How is this partnership going to work?

RedC TV is the exclusive dealer of YellowWebMonkey Package websites in Central Texas. Think of it in the same way that Sears is a vendor selling Magtag refrigerators. You get the same quality product with a proven track record; you just have the RedC staff there to help you choose which is best for your company and walk you through the process.

Why is YellowWebMonkey doing this partnership?
  • We have consistently referred clients back and forth and realized this makes a one-stop shop for marketing.
  • As YellowWebMonkey has grown, we realized we really need a dedicated account team to communicate with clients.
  • Many clients do not have the time to update their websites and that is not a service we have been providing. RedC has the personnel/expertise to help manage monthly updates.
  • Content Generation. We always say that new content is the best thing for your web presence. RedC has some great packages that can provide blog posts, custom videos, and much more.

Is YellowWebMonkey Going Away?

Not at all. We are actually growing leaps and bounds and over 50% of our current business is from out of state. Alexis will still teach classes locally, do webinars and workshops. We will still be busy here in central Texas, designing our custom YellowWebMonkey sites.
For more information on our YellowWebMonkey sites here in central Texas contact Chris Hoke

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