Joomla Day Texas Recap


Alexis has a knack for creating systems that streamline her own web design process and she was excited to share some of her creations with fellow Joomla users. One of her most impressive developments is the maintenance automations she created to monitor client data and troubleshoot areas of the sites that need attention. Alexis was eager to share her wealth of knowledge with conference attendees in hopes that fellow users could benefit from developing similar systems for their own use.

Not only did Alexis invest in teaching the attendees, but YWM helped sponsor the event, ensuring that each attendee walked away with a little YWM love in the form of some ear buds and stickers. As a Joomla certified company, YWM is passionate about educating users on this powerful platform. Traditionally YWM is able to do this through our online tutorials, but Alexis and her team were thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with fellow users in real life. After a fulfilling day of on-site Joomla instruction the conference attendees enjoyed an evening together over at Top Golf synthesizing all they had learned.

We hope you’ll join us next year at Joomla Day Texas 2019!

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