Why Greeks Should Rush the Internet

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ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA EPSILON…you know the rest. The Greek alphabet has taken on a whole new meaning on campuses across the States and beyond. And YellowWebMonkey wants to know why most Grecian chapters haven’t expanded their reach to the Internet. As students, the Internet is one of our primary tools of communication. We e-mail our teachers with excuses, we check grades through Blackboard, we socialize through Facebook, we Google at the first hint of ignorance…so when are Greeks going online? Some good reasons:

Putting on a good face.

Effective chapters of Greek organizations are all about business whether they are social or professional. Events, meetings, and internal organization must be run with efficiency. When things are running smoothly, it is that much easier to get to the fun. When potential recruits or campus officials or employers Google a fraternity or sorority to check what they are all about, your chapter should be represented; especially local Greeks that do not have an umbrella national website. Here’s your chance to post all of the “good” pictures, list recent projects, and give information about current members and officers in a controlled space, i.e. not Facebook.

“I didn’t check my email/get the text”.

Getting the word out last minute can be a hassle. What would you do if you could send mass text messages to an entire list of phone numbers…one list for members, one list for recruits, one list for alumni? What about sending internal e-mails through the site? Message boards and calendars, anyone? With a website the customization possibilities are huge. Get what your organization needs and then add a few extras that are just plain cool.

Paying up.

Everyone’s got to collect them. Why not cut those chapter meetings short a bit by collecting them online? Got fines? An email notification system complemented by a website that keeps track of payments. Make the treasurer’s job a little easier and life simpler for members. The same system can be used to receive donations from alumni! The website could serve as an easy way to keep in contact and allow them to support particular projects or add to the general fund.

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