Here are some tips for getting a domain name:

Stick with a “.com” or “.org”  Having odd extensions like “.net”, “.biz”, or “.us” can hurt your search engine ranking.  Plus people naturally assume “.com” so you will just be get the guy that has the “.com” more traffic.

Be Memorable and Short.  A good example would be that “The Spa at Canyon Oaks” in Crawford is just “

People CANNOT Spell.  If you are a licensed entomologist, I suggest you stick with pest control or something with bugs.

Be careful of acroynms. An example is “The Advocacy Center of Central Texas” which is  If you say that aloud, people will think “center” or “ctr” before they type in “cntr”

Especially don’t use acronyms that make words!  If you are in the “Heart of Texas,” PLEASE do not put HOT in your domain name.  Trust me, you will end up in search results you do not want to be in.


Tips for getting hosting:

– Stick with the bigger companies unless you are getting personal attention from someone local.  Many businesses are just resellers of the big companies, so you will just pay more.  That is okay if that local person is going to manage the account and provide tech support, but make sure that is part of the agreement.

If you are just getting the hosting, you should not pay more than $10/month.  Some companies that provide good plans are Host Gator, SiteGround, and iPower Hosting

You do NOT need all the add-ons they try to sell you.  You can always add those on after the fact if you change your mind.  The only one I would suggest is domain privacy if you are using your home address to register the name.

Just sign up for one year. Although you get a discount for multi-year plans, start with one year and see how the customer service is and how your website performance is.  I can’t prove it, but I think you get better service when they know you are not locked in for five years regardless of how they treat you.

Buyer Beware! Some companies I would recommend AGAINST are 1&1 Hosting,, IX WebHosting, FatCow hosting, and Network Solutions.


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