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There is a wide range of people that will say they can do a website for you; from your friend's kid, to a college student, to freelancers, to companies.  Here are some questions you should ask (and the answers for YellowWebMonkey):

- Do you subcontract out building the actual website?There are many people that are brokers for larger companies or subcontract out to India.


All of our work is done in the USA by members of our team.  No one will touch your site that is not a member of this company.  Meet our team.


- Are you an actual company or just do this on the side? You can save money going with someone that is doing this as a side job, but you run the risk that their day job might not leave time for your job.


YellowWebMonkey was officially formed in 2009 in Waco, TX.  You may request our DUNS or CCR number from here.  The company is also a certified Service-Disabled Owned Small Business.


Can I see some of your work?  How many websites have you done this year? Make sure you look closely at past work.  If your website has a specific functionality such as eCommerce, reservations, etc then make sure they have done that type of site before.  Specifically ask if they did the complete website or just designed the graphics for it.  Also, seeing how many sites they have launched with let you know how much business they are getting and how quickly they can complete sites.


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Are you Reputable?  What do past clients say about you? Ask them if they are BBB-accredited or below to any local organizations.  Ask for references or testimonials.


We have an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau. Read our Client's Testimonials.


Can I get an estimate? How does your process work? If is very important to know how much the process will cost you as well as any other additional costs.  Any reputable designer will have a project contract with all the terms stated.  The industry standard is a 50% deposit.  Be wary of anyone that wants the whole cost up front.  Web Design requires sales tax in the State of Texas.


We provide written estimates from Quickbooks.  Once approved, we will forward you a contract and an invoice for a 50% deposit.  When the functionality is built into the website, there is a 25% milestone payment, and the final 25% is due when site is live and you recreate your backup disc. Our contract states the project start and end date.

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