Using EasyBlog

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From the Control Panel, Click Components in the top

Choose EasyBlog from the drop down menu


Next Choose All Blog Entries


You can create a Category for your Blog by choosing Categories


Click New to enter a new Category


Type in the Category  and Category Name  (can be the same)

Yes to Published

Click Save top Right  


Notice the new Category

Next Choose Blogs


Click the Add button, top right


Type in Title of your Blog

Type in the Intro text (this is the short teaser section that is displayed in your blog roll)

If you want to change Author, choose one from the Dropdown

Choose a Category for your blog

Choose Published if you are going to complete it, or leave Unpublished and return later to publish it.

SAVE your work often by choosing Save Post in top right.


Type in the remaining blog text in the bottom text box.  You can add an image using the Insert Image Icon

(See Tutorial, Adding an Image to an Article)

You can add Tags to your blog


Click Save Post top right.  Your blog is ready.


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