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The User – Terms and Conditions plugin is another tool in the privacy suite of tools that is available with Joomla 3.9.  Like the System – Privacy Consent plugin, the Terms and Conditions plugin is installed with the Joomla 3.9 update, but it is set to Disabled

To enable and configure the User – Terms and Conditions plugin, go to Extensions –> Plugins and search Terms.

Consent Plugin Tut 1

Click on User – Terms and Conditions to configure the plugin.

Terms Tut 1

On this page, you can customize the settings for the plugin.

Terms Tut 2

  1. Short Terms & Conditions – This is the text that will appear above the Terms & Conditions checkbox.  You can use the default wording that is provided, or customize with your own text.
  2. Terms & Conditions Article – If you have a longer Terms & Conditions policy, you can create an article here, which will display as a popup to the user.  This can be left blank if you do not need to create a longer article.
  3. Set the plugin as Enabled, and click Save and Close.

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