Use a Table in an Article

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  • First, in Joomla open the article you wish to edit.
  • Scroll down to the text section that you desire to place a table in.
  • Click the table button on the text menu.

table article 1

  • A menu will pop up.

table article 2

  • Cols stands for the amount of columns you want, enter the desired number.
  • Rows mean the number of rows in the table, entire a desired amount.
  • The height and width can limit how large the table is, for this example we have no limits.
  • A table with no limits will expand as text is entered.
  • A small table will appear in your text box.

table article 3

  • Click on the column and row you wish to edit.

table article 4

  • Once you enter text you may save the document.

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