Websites can be a bit like cars where there is a lot going on under the hood.  Be wary of just getting a website that looks pretty.  It is also important to have a site that you can easily update, it gets results, ranks with search engines, and is not vulnerable to getting hacked.



The additional 3rd party extensions we install retail for over $300 if you bought yourself. We maintain valid developer licenses for all.


Project Management

  • Written Estimates and Invoices
  • Contract with deadlines
  • Mapped-out project flow by phases
  • Weekly email updates



  • RSFirewall with email alerts
  • Database modifications
  • Apache server modifications

Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO Plugin
  • Apache server expires/caches and server permissions
  • Optimize GZip, optimize cache, and other page speed improvements
  • Search Engine Friendly links
  • Google Analytics with automated reports
  • Google Webmasters with malware monitoring
  • Search Engine and Sitemap Submission

Functionality/Content Tools

  • Easily insert youTube and other videos with JCE Multimedia Tool
  • Easily insert PDFs and other files with JCE File Manager
  • Ability to load javascript into modules using Sourcerer
  • Enhanced lightbox capability for images using RokBox
  • AJAX search feature with Google search
  • Improved login bar and popup login
  • Setup all user groups and restricted portal


  • Responsive Template built on Gantry  or Warp framework (auto resizes for tablets and mobile)
  • Favicon and Apple Icon Graphics
  • Social Media avatar
  • Ensure compliance on IE8+


  • One Hour WebEx Training on completion
  • Twice monthly group training sessions for life (see schedule)
  • Over 100 Joomla Tutorials available online

Social Media

  • Set up Facebook and Twitter (if not existing)
  • Social Media avatars
  • Set usernames for accounts (ie,